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Mrs. McCord's

Fourth Grade Class


Planning Schedule....

M- Library

T-  Gym

W- Music

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F-  Gym

Planning Time:  1:41 - 2:28

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Second grading period....

Review of multiplication facts.

This is a third grade skill.  Students should already know these, quickly and accurately.  I encourage you to practice at home. 

Division Unit

We will begin division facts, related facts with multiplication and fact families.

Refer to textbook pp. 76-78, 80-81

HW- Monday p.78 #12-18, p. 80 # 9-12

        Tuesday- Fact families WS glued into notebook.

**Turn in notebooks on Friday.**

We are learning rules for divisibility. Students should already know these.

x2  even numbers

x3  Add the digits in the number.  If the sum is divisible

      by 3 then the number itself is divisible by 3.

x 5 Ends in 0 or 5.

x 6 Must be divisible by both 2 and 3.

x 9 Add the digits in the number.  If the sum is divisible

      by 9 then the number itself is divisible by 9.

x 10 Ends in 0.

As we continue to work, they will learn x4, x7, x8


Life Science book

Chapter 2

Read and discuss pp. 50-59 this week.

Life cycles of animals.

Life cycle drawings of luna moth and praying mantis.

HW- Monday p.53 questions #1-3  Complete sentences.

        Tuesday p. 59 questions # 1-3 Complete sentences.


Students will be building notebooks like their own personal textbook.

The Math notebook will have definitions, examples of problems, classwork and homework.

The Science notebook has vocabulary, key points and notes from each lesson.  

Notebooks will be used to review material for testing.

If your child is absent, they will need to copy missed notebook entries during morning homeroom.  It is their responsibility to make up work they have missed.

Notebook/participation grades are given every week or two.

Notebook grades are based on completion of all required entries/work, neatness and organization, table of contents updated, and accuracy.  Please be patient, scoring notebooks takes time.  I usually enter 3-5 grades when notebooks are scored.  Remember, I am scoring 102 notebooks- each week!!

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