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Little Chiefs

Mrs. McCord's Fourth Grade Class


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Johnson Elementary School

601 Johnson Avenue

Bridgeport, WV  26330

School Line - (304) 326-7109

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We will be using EVERYDAY MATH for our new curriculum.  Books may be accessed online.  User name and passwords will be recorded in your child's agenda book.

Username:  HC3300.... (Student ID number)

Password:  first letter of first name,four letters of last name1

  Example:  John Smith  jsmit1


MULTIPLICATION FACTS are a third grade skill.  Students are expected to know these when school begins.  Please practice daily.

We are practicing multiplication facts 0-5.  Continue to practice at home.

Chapter 2 in math has covered area and perimeter, factors and mulitples, square numbers, prime/composite numbers, units of time, seconds, minutes, hours and conversions within, solving multiplication comparison word problems, symmetry and classify triangles.  A study guide will be provided Monday, October 29.  The chapter test will be Friday, November 2.

Double Compare math fact game- Use a deck of cards.  Pass out all cards among players.  Do not look at cards.  Each player will  turn over top two cards and find the product by multiplying.   Highest product wins all cards and play continues. 



Science students will receive grades this year- A, B, C, D, F.  Science is a graded subject and will require more study time and effort.  

Each chapter will end with a Chapter test that will be multiple choice, and short answer. There will also be a vocabulary test.

Laurel Caverns and Cave Study

In spite of mechanical proobems with the bus, I believe our students had a fabulous day!

Life Science

Currently we are in our green Life Science book.  We have read and discussed the first section.  We will read and discuss sections two and three this week.  We will put key ideas and vocabulary in the notebook and answer the end of section questions in our notebooks.

Your child's Science book can be accessed online.  User names and passwords will be written in the agenda book.  

User name is - computer generated- will put in agenda books.

Password is - first letter of first name,four letters of last name1

  Example:  John Smith  jsmit1



Students will be building notebooks like their own personal textbook.

The Math notebook will have definitions, examples of problems, classwork and homework.

The Science notebook has vocabulary, key points and notes from each lesson.  

Notebooks will be used to review material for testing.

If your child is absent, they will need to copy missed notebook entries during morning homeroom, or borrow another students notebook.  It is

their responsibility to make up work they have missed.

Notebook/participation grades are given every week or two.

Notebook grades are based on completion of all required entries/work, neatness and organization, and accuracy.  

Please be patient, scoring notebooks takes time.  I usually enter 3-5 grades when notebooks are scored.  Remember, I am scoring 100 notebooks- each week!!