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What's going on at the Library???

*We will begin checking out library materials when we return to in-person instruction.  To that end, we will be following the ALA (American Library Association) material quarantine guidelines.  Those guildelines, as presribed by the NEDCC (Northeast Document Conservation Center) recommend a quarantine of at least 6 days for materials placed in stacks.  To ensure the safety of our students, books will be put into quarantine for 14 days, allowing 2 weeks between checkouts.  Additional information from the ALA is also available for review..

*Be sure to check out Destiny app (accessible via ClassLink): 


*Check out Tumblebooks!  No login required!  Lots of reading options there! :)

* presents great ideas to manage stress!  Check it out!

* Link to Marine Traffic site (with parent/guardian permission, please)

* Link to live volcano coverage in Iceland (with parent/guardian permission, please)

JES Media Center is proud to host a Free Little Library!  Be sure to look for the blue box outside of the gym door (close to the football field).  Books are added regularly!  


Following are reading lists published by the ALA (American Library Association), if you are looking for recommendations:

ALA Notable Children's Books 2021                                          ALSC Graphic Novel Reading List

ALA Comforting Books for Difficult Times                                  2015 USBBY International Children's Book Day Book List

ALA Books about Unity, Kindness, and Peace                          ALSC Embracing Gender Identities Book List

Maya Angelou

Our spotlight author of the month is the remarkable Dr. Maya Angelou.  Please click on her image above to learn more about her!

Little people, big dreams

Please take a moment to listen to "Little People, BIg Dreams," click on the image to the right.  Be sure to watch until the end!  :)


   * Look at the JES Library Resources page for more great reading ideas!!!

   * The New York Public Library's Digital Collection is a great resource to explore!

Library Schedule (fourth nine weeks):

Monday: Trent, Thompson, Ielapi, Sabatelli, Olivio, Reinhart, Rose

Tuesday: Kulchock, E. Bowers, Folio, Cann, Barr, DeFazio

Wednesday: B. Smith, Elliott, L. Bowers, Burge, Carey, K. Jones, Helsley

Thursday: Straley, Phillips, Messenger, Mutafis, Powell, McCord

Friday: Straley, Phillips, Messenger, Mutafis, Powell, McCord

For classes that come twice a week: the first day is checkout day; the second day is a STEM/STEAM-focused day!  If there is no planning on your first day of the week (due to inclement weather or other events), checkout will be on your second day of the week.

BookCrossing Logo

JES Library Media Center is proud to a participant in BookCrossing!  Please visit to find out more how you can be a part of our adventures.  Additional information can be found on the JES Facebook page!  

better reader

Talk about books! Discuss what your child is reading!  To the left are some great questions to start the conversation!  Also, check out additional ideas to develop reading comprehension

Great Links:

Please be sure to check out the JES Library Media Center homepage for great research sites, reading suggestions, and other exciting learning websites!  New items are being added regularly!  Check it out!

Also check out the Library Resources Page for more exciting resources!!!

20 minutes of reading

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PLANNING PERIOD:  11:59 AM - 12:44 PM

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