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* K-2: This month's author is Anna Smucker!  Be sure to ask your student about Ms. Smucker's work, especially her stories about growing             up in West Virginia!  

* 3-5:  We're working on paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism!  

* We're so excited to have award-winning author Anna Smucker visit on Friday, December 8 during planning classes! 

The second class of the week is introduction to foreign language day! Grades K-2 are learning Italian, and grades 3-5 are learning Spanish! Subjects include numbers, colors, food, expressions and greetings, and animals!  Be sure to ask your student what they learned!  To learn more about the program that JES is using, click HERE!

Library Schedule:

Monday: Stump, McEldowney, Thompson, Olivio, McCord, Trent

Tuesday: Bowers, Barr, C. Carey, Cann, Archer, Gallagher

Wednesday: Phillips, Jones, Folio, E. Carey, DeFazio, Kulchock

Thursday: Rogers, Kidd, Johnson, Mutafis, Gage, Straley

Fridays (2nd NW):  Bowers, Barr, C. Carey, Cann, Archer, Gallagher

For classes that come twice a week: the first day is checkout day; the second day is foreign langauge day!  If there is no planning on your first day of the week (due to inclement weather or other events), checkout will be on your second day of the week.

Talk about books! Discuss what your child is reading!  To the left are some great questions to start the conversation!  Also, check out this link for additional ideas to develop reading comprehension! 

Great Links:

Please be sure to check out the JES Library Media Center homepage for great research sites, reading suggestions, and other exciting learning websites!  New items are being added regularly!  Check it out!

Also check out the Library Resources Page for more exciting resources!!!

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PLANNING PERIOD:  10:21 A.M. - 11:08 A.M.