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Little Chiefs

Welcome to Mrs. Burton's Physical Education Class!

1st 9 Weeks Physical Education Schedule

Monday           Tuesday                  Wednesday         Thursday              Friday

Straley              Trent                         Kulchock              B. Smith               Straley

Phillips              Thompson                Bowers                 Elliot                     Phillips

Messenger        Sabatelli                   Folio                     McEldowney        Messenger

Mutafis              Olivio/Zickefoose     Cann                    Carey                    Mutafis

Kidd                  Reinhart                   Barr                      K. Jones               Kidd

McCord             Rose                        Defazio                Helsley                  McCord 

Planning Time: 11:59-12:44

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Physical Education Requirements:  

1. Wear Tennis Shoes on all designated Physical Education days! 

2. Wear appropriate, easy to move in, clothing - (shorts, sweats, t-shirts, jeans...) Avoid dresses and skirts if possible. If they have to wear a dress or skirt on their PE day- PLEASE make sure they have shorts on underneath.  


If your child(ren) need excused from Physical Education please write a note or send in a doctor's excuse. If they do not have a note they will not recieve their participation points for that day. 

I love sports
basketball hoop

Fitness Gram Testing

For 4th and 5th Grade...

These tests are not graded.  They are to see who falls in healthy fitness zone.

1) Aerobic Test (1 mile run or pacer test)

2) Flexibility Test (shoulder stretch)

3) Trunk Lift

4) Curl-ups

5) Push-ups

6) BMI (Body Mass Index)

tennis shoes
team work

Don't forget to wear your tennis shoes!