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Liberty High School has a plan to create a learner-centered environment by increasing active student engagement in classes based upon data as reflected on the first Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI).  We want to increase teacher collaboration time to a minimum of one time per month among core departments. 

We will provide all students with CyberSafety instruction and give them access to CFWV to create data portfolios. 

We will provide Professional Development at the school level using Data for Continuous School Improvement to guide instruction in the classroom. Books for teachers to read  on classroom management strategies and methods of helping students succeed have been distributed to all teachers.

We plan to increase the number of parents attending parent teacher conferences. We would plan to increase the number of community and businesses who are involved in our school through presentations to the student body,

Teachers will be able to articulate the unique learning styles of their students based upon learning style inventories and will demonstrate incorporation of a balanced assessment approach to guiding student learning.