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Lincoln High School
Lincoln High School Cougar

100 Jerry Toth Drive

Shinnston, WV 26431


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Lincoln High School Core Beliefs and Mission

 We Believe: 

1. That all students at Lincoln High School are provided with the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential in a safe, cohesive learning environment.

2. That all students will be given a fair and equal opportunity to succeed academically and be prepared to become productive citizens ready for the ever changing twenty-first century through a technology enriched learning environment.

3. That every member of our learning community will provide a quality program of instruction that includes high standards and expectations for all to facilitate learning.

Our Mission:

LHS provides a high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education that fosters student engagement, character development and the use of technology skills to create productive members of society.

Our Philosophy:

         Create learner centered environment

          Offer Support for student success

          Use Technology and interactive technology

          Grow parents, school, and community relationships

          Acquire and use best practices to enhance learning 

          Raise healthy lifestyle awareness and choices