100 Jerry Toth Drive

Shinnston, WV 26431




5-8 September


Commanding Officer

C/LT Cottrill

Executive Officer

Command Chief

C/PO2 Hardman

Operations/Safety Officer

C/ENS Logsdon

Assistant: C/SN Koch

Supply Officer

C/PO2 Hardman

Assistant: C/ENS Cumberledge

Administrative Officer

C/PO3 Buck

Assistant: C/SN Shaw

Public Affairs

C/PO2 Cari

Assistant: C/PO3 Tate

Ordnance Officer

C/SA Belair

Assistant: C/SN Ramsey

Team Commanders

Academic Team

C/PO2 Hardman

Athletic Team

C/LT Cottrill

Color Guard

C/PO2 Lipovich

Drill Team

C/LT Cotrill

Football Parking

C/PO2 Cottrill

Orienteering Team

To be determined


                      WEEKLY SCHEDULE


Tuesday: Uniform Day

                Color Guard


Thursday: Bring PT Gear
Color Guard

Friday: Bring PT Gear




                                 DOWN RANGE

January:            23 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                          25 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                          30 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                          31 Academic Postal

February:             2 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                            7 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                            8 Color Guard B-Ball Game

                            8  Academic Postal

                          16 Color Guard B-Ball Game

March:                13  Academic Postal

April:                   14 Raffle Ticket Sale

                           28 Raffle Ticket Sale


May:                   1-5 Spring Trip

July:                    29 Jr Wilderness Challenge

Cadets spent several days on the Victory Chimes, underway and in port.  Homeported: Rockland, ME
(3 mast schooner in back ground)

Navigation training aboard Victory Chimes

Cadets underway aboard Victory Chimes

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Scenes from the deck of the Victory Chimes