Lincoln Middle Wildcat
Lincoln Middle School
Lincoln Middle School

78 Jerry Toth Drive

Shinnston, WV 26431



     Lincoln Middle School is a positive model of a successful learning environment. The administrators value the opinions of their staff and encourage daily collaboration. Teachers and students receive a daily memo from the administrators, which often involves detailed successes of students and staff. School personnel greet students each morning and the administrators can be seen working with their faculty in the classrooms. Lincoln Middle School values community resources and provides multiple, diverse extracurricular activities for their students. Students are busy engaging in activities of their own interest of which administrators, faculty, and community members support.--Meighan Carder (Student Observer)

Broad Goals

R   each out to Families and Communities

O   pen Doors to New Technologies

A   dvance Student Achievement

R   aise School Culture to New Levels

LMS Mission Statement 

The mission of LMS with the support of family, community and school partners is to foster intellectual growth, moral excellence, and responsibility, while developing lifelong twenty-first century learners in an environment where all students feel safe and secure.  

LMS Vision Statement 

LMS is a community of concerned and involved staff, students, parents, and citizens working to achieve our mission.  The LMS community will facilitate intellectual growth by guiding every student through a variety of learning opportunities that are flexible and multi-faceted.  The LMS community will encourage moral excellence and personal responsibility through exploring the Six Pillars of Character….Citizenship, Respect, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness, and Responsibility, by participating in a program that provides positive reinforcement.

LMS Core Beliefs 

1. All will participate in providing a positive, healthy, safe, and drug-free environment.

2. Education is an equally important three-part effort: students, parents, and teachers.

3. All students and parents must recognize that regular attendance is vital to student success.

4. All will demonstrate good character, civility, integrity, and sound stewardship.

5. Prepare students for the future focusing on real-life applications.

6. Instruction methods are varied to ensure all students' needs are met.