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ALL dances associated with Lincoln Middle School will: 

  1.  be held at the school.  

  1.  NEVER,EVER require formal/semiformal dress.

What thestudent wears to school is what they will wear for the dance. 

If a dance is not at LMS and or requires formal or semiformal dress – it is NOT sponsored or associated with Lincoln Middle School.

Week in Review Wildcats
Harrison County Calendar and Policy Guide
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Monday, October 15          Two hour early release 

          Cross Country County Champsionships@ RCB                  5:00                                               Volleyball @ BMS                              5:00

Tuesday, October 16          End of first 9 weeks 

                                             Volleyball @ Notre Dame                  4:30 

Wednesday, October 17    Football v. MMS (8th grade night)      6:30 

Thursday, October 18        Volleyball @ MMS                              5:00 

Friday, October 19             Soccer @ BMS                                   4:00 

Insurance for iPad

LMS Core Beliefs 

1. All will participate in providing a positive, healthy, safe, and drug-free environment.

2. Education is an equally important three-part effort: students, parents, and teachers.

3. All students and parents must recognize that regular attendance is vital to student success.

4. All will demonstrate good character, civility, integrity, and sound stewardship.

5. Prepare students for the future focusing on real-life applications.

6. Instruction methods are varied to ensure all students' needs are met.

Students of the Month

Lincoln Middle School is

proud to announce the 

 Students of the Month

6th Grade Winners

Sylvie Salerno and Zachary Conley

7th Grade Winners

Aleisia Hayhurst and Christian Delima

8th Grade Winners 

Nellie Whiteman and Nick Kellar

Volunteers for Literacy
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LMS Mission Statement

The mission of LMS with the support of family, community and school partners is to foster intellectual growth, moral excellence, and responsibility, while developing lifelong twenty-first century learners in an environment where all students feel safe and secure. 

United Way of Harrison County

Free Tutoring

Individual tutoring is available for adults,

teens, and kids

 in reading, writing, math, GED/TASC help, computer skills, tutoring in various subjects in school and help with studying for job training and  certification tests.

We also offer:

Free Homework Help

Free Individual tutoring and English Classes (ESL/ ELL)

 Literacy Volunteers  (304) 624-0533

LMS 2018-19

Student Council Officers

President-Isabella Loss

Vice President-Liam Gallagher

Secretary-Delani Hollar

Treasurer-Gracie Book

Historian-Brooklyn Davisson

Public Schools Checkpoints for Health
Youth in Governement
Immunizations for Adolescents
Modern Woodsmen Speech

Click here to see WV Immunization Requirements for 7th Graders 

Knowledge Engine Wolfram Alpha
App for Harrison County Schols
Requirements for Immunization

The Lincoln Middle School Based Health Center will be offering the Meningitis and Tdap vaccines throughout the end of the school year.  These vaccines are required by the state of West Virginia prior to entering 7th grade.  Please contact the School Based Health Center at Lincoln Middle on Monday or Wednesday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm or on Friday between 7:30 am and 11:15 am at 304-592-5082 if interested.  Parents do not need to be present, but are always welcome.

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 Broad Goals

R  each out to Families and Community

O  pen Doors to New Technologies

A  dvance Student Achievement

R  aise School Culture to New Level

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