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August 17, 2018

* Reminder to students: School is your job. You are here to work. You will treat everyone here with respect.

* As we close out the first few days of school we would like to thank those of you who have been cooperative. 6th grade, you need to get with the program, you have been far too loud in the halls and at lunch, get this corrected or you will not be permitted to participate in fun things we do here at LMS.

* Thanks to the student council members who helped give tours at open house on Monday.

* If you are at the county office, check out the bulletin board filled with artwork from LMS Students.

* We ALWAYS walk single file on the right.

* The paperwork you took home with you Wednesday is now overdue. Turn it in today.

* 6th grade lunch – boys see us for your seats, you were way too loud AGAIN yesterday and until you can be quiet, we will be assigning you seats.

* Second breakfast will begin on Monday.

* Family Day is tomorrow at Meadowbrook Mall time is 11:00 AM-3:00 PM. LMS will be working the Lincoln feeder area table from 2:00-3:00- stop by and see us. While at the mall, check out the art gallery, Mr. Benner has submitted some excellent art work from LMS students for display.

* We remind you drop off and pick up is in the parking lot. NEVER in the bus circle which is also a fire lane. Even if you are being picked up after an after-school event, you need to be picked up in the parking lot.

* There will be a back to school dance next Thursday from 3:00-5:00. Cost of admission is $3.00 there will be concessions available. Make arrangements now if you want to stay, we will NOT make calls for you to stay and do NOT stay unless you have permission. Today you will take a note about dances home.

* At the end of the day, all buses except the second run of 268 and 265 are out there when the first bell rings. ONLY those students who walk, are riding in cars and ride the second run of 268 and 265 should remain after the first bell rings. Walkers, car riders, second run of 268 and 265 come to the front hallway and form two straight lines at the direction of the bus duty teachers when the second bell rings. Cell phones are to remain off and out of site until you are outside.

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