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Lincoln Middle School Multicultural Plan
LMS focuses on a different multicultural area each month. Each team designs and constructs a bulletin board which displays a particular topic. Multicultural thematic units are also taught by each team.

Multicultural Websites
Multicultural Pavilion
Multicultural resources abound at this site that is operated and maintained by professors at the University of Virginia. The goal is to provide educators, students, and activists the resources that they need to explore and discuss multicultural education. In addition to the many articles and activities, you will also find forums, billboards, and lists that deal with multiculturalism. There is also a poetry journal, a multicultural song index, and reviews of documentary films with multicultural themes.
 Multicultural Resources for Children
If you are currently researching aspects about multicultural then you will surely find this web site to be an excellent tool. It features a page dedicated entirely to multiculturalism that gives you a collection of wonderful resources to use in your research. There is a collection of general multiculturalism links and also a list of bibliographies for all students and older students as well. This would be a great site to begin your research since it offers a wide variety of links to information.
 Multicultural Lesson Plans
On this web site you will find a group of several interactive lesson plans that teach you all about multicultural issues. Most of the activities are designed for students in elementary and middle school grade levels, although there are a few that are appropriate for older students. Each activity explains what the lesson entails and gives the skills and strategies you will need and learn throughout the activity. These activities will keep you busy for hours as they expand your knowledge about other cultures.
BBC: Multicultural History
BBC has a wonderful online presentation that relates to the history of multiculturalism. Through the information presented you will learn about the experiences different cultures and communities have had in history and about some of the great cultural leaders of all time. Several cultures are explored including African American history, Asian history, and Jewish history. This site provides you with a unique learning experience in the cultural development of these communities. A few external site links are included if you wish to explore the material further.
Multicultural Calendar
You will find seventeen articles about different Mexican holidays here. ANZAC Day? What is that? It stands for: Australian & New Zealand Army Corps. Australian people celebrate people who have been in the wars. They watch a parade and eat Anzac biscuits! This Multicultural Calendar is a valuable resource for students researching holidays. You may choose the holiday by: Month, Holiday, or Culture. Search, is another selection provided if you need more information. These articles were written by students and are very informative.
 Anyone interested in learning or teaching others about different cultures around the world will find this web site interesting. Check out the numerous virtual picture books and enjoy reading about some of the unique stories of cultures from across the globe. These stories have bright and colorful illustrations that make reading them exciting and fun. Throughout the site you will find collections of excellent web resources that will teach you more about multicultural issues. The site can be viewed in English, Spanish, and French.
 You can have fun learning about other cultures around the world with this fun online multicultural dictionary. Learn all about what the dictionary has to offer its readers and what can be found within its contents through the short introduction. Then using the menu on the left side of the screen begin your exciting learning adventure by choosing from the many cultural topics found in the dictionary. If you are a frequent visitor to the site you may want to check out the "What's New" section to learn about site updates and new information.
 Multicultural Kids
 Information about more than fifty different countries is available by simply clicking on the flag of that country and reading the essays and articles written by English as a Second Language and bilingual students, along with parents and teachers. You can also learn more about each country, with maps and statistical information about history, government, economy and the people of each country. The site is updated with new content often, so you might want to stop in every once in a while to see if there's anything new!
 Understanding Prejudice
 Causes and consequences of prejudice are illustrated at this remarkable web site. With more than 2,000 links to resources, as well as hundreds of articles, the information here covers many issues dealing with prejudice. Start with the exercises and demonstrations to explore your own thoughts on prejudice. It is suggested that you begin with a baseline survey. See a slide show of advertisements that involve prejudice and discrimination, find out what some of our presidents thought about slavery, and discover what you know about Native American history.
 Defining Diversity, Prejudice, and Respect
 Learn to celebrate the ways that people are different at this site that explains the importance of diversity and respect, as well as the dangers of prejudice. Diversity means a variety of different things. When a society has diversity, it means that there are a lot of different types of people offering different types of ideas. Racism and prejudice happen when one group of people doesn't like another group of people just because of the color of their skin or their religion. You'll learn why respecting other people and accepting those differences is a better way to live.

Multicultural Lesson Plans and Resources

Multicultural Education 
Sixteen lesson plans from The Educator's Reference Desk (formerly Ask Eric)
Jeffco Multicultural Lesson Plans
Many multicultural lesson plans for a variety of grade levels.
"Unite the School" Lesson Plan
This is an interesting interdisciplinary lesson plan celebrating diversity.

Multicultural Fair 
A lesson plan for grades 5-6 from The Educator's Reference Desk.

Multicultural Community - My Home 
A lesson plan for grades 6-12 also from The Educator's Reference Desk.
 Changing Attitudes in America
Contains six lesson plans related to racism as well as a great deal of background information .
Interesting lesson plans in a variety of subjects. Though not all the lesson plans are multicultural, they do all seem to be of high quality. All require students to use the Internet.  Perhaps a good source for confluent education ideas.
Multicultural Calendar
A calendar of holidays and events celebrated around the world.

Teaching Tolerance
Teaching Tolerance Through Literature
A high school lesson plan.  See also Teaching Tolerance to Middle School Social Studies Students.
Classroom Activities from 
Many activities for a variety of subjects and lesson plans.
Teaching Tolerance: The People's Attorney
A lesson plan from the above site for grades 4-6 investigating the life of Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish-American appointed to the Supreme Court. 

Promoting Tolerance 
A cooperative learning lesson plan in which students write, design, and illustrate a children's book incorporating the themes of equality, acceptance, tolerance, and respect. See also 
Boundary Breaker Topics.
Teaching @ Tolerance 
Five lesson ideas from Education World.   
Art Activities and Lesson Plans for Exploring Tolerance     
A long list. 
A 6th-grade lesson plan from the Social Studies School Service.

Multicultural Art Lessons
Melissa's Myriad 
Many art lesson plans including some that are multicultural.

Art Activities and Lesson Plans for Exploring Tolerance     
A long list. 
Julie's Multicultural Art Page
Two lesson plans and a variety of links.

Language through Art 
An ESL curriculum.
Collage and Romare Bearden
An elementary art lesson plan on the work of African American artist Romare Bearden.
Religious Beliefs Made Visual: Geometry and Islam
Classroom activities designed to show how Islamic art can provide important insights into the technology, scientific knowledge, and religious beliefs of Moslems.
Islamic Foil Art
This art activity, which is appropriate for many grade levels, may be just what you need for your multidisciplinary unit on Islam. 
Finishing Sadako's Cranes
A 4th-grade lesson plan on origami using Eleanor Coerr's book Sadako and the Thousand Cranes.
Japan: Images of People
A unit designed to help students understand Japanese painting and culture.
An Introduction to Mexican Art and Culture Through the "Day of the Dead"
An art activity based on this Mexican holiday celebrated October 31 through November 2.

Multicultural Literature Lessons
Making Multicultural Connections Through Trade Books 
Multicultural literature lesson plans. Click on a book and then "illustrative lesson."
A Teacher's Guide to Afro-American Children's Literature and History
From the Children's Literature Nook, this site offers an annotated bibliography of African-American children's books, criteria for selecting books for classroom use, lesson ideas, and many links.
Meet Rosa Parks
An on-line interview as well as lesson plans and resources.
Similarities Between African Folktales and French Folktales
A unit for grades 7-12.
Understanding Hispanic/Latino Culture and History Through Children’s Literature 
An elaborate unit plan with three sample lesson plans and a bibliography.
Puerto Rican Folktales
A unit for grades 7-12.
La Casa en  Mango Street (Sandra Cisneros) 
A Score CyberGuide en Espanol! See also  Click here to access a Teacher's Resource File with other lesson plans for this author.
Moving Words: Asian Immigration
Four lesson plans on Asian-American immigration. Also , take a look at Teaching the Chinese Immigrant's Story - Angel Island (1910-1940), another unit on Chinese-American immigration.
Discussing Immigration Through Literature
A unit on Asian-American immigrants using the following books: Coming to America,Betsy Maestro; The Lotus Seed, Sherry Garland; and Grandfather's Journey, Allen Say.
An Integrated Unit on Classic Philippine Folk Tales About Fruits
A unit from TASSI.
An Integrated Unit on Friendship Implementing Asian-American Children's Literature
A unit integrating Asian-American children's literature and the theme of friendship.
Heroes and Heroines in the Family
A grade 7-8 unit on American Indian, European, Puerto Rican, Afro-American and American tales showing the students the common themes and the universal affirmation of man’s ability to accomplish great feats by using a great deal of brain power and some brawn.
Expanding Fifth Grade Ethnic Awareness Through Literature
A unit on Native American and Latino literature from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. 
 Reconciling Race Issues in the United States
A high school unit on the works of African American and Native American writers.
 Twentieth Century Latin American Writing 
A collection of units for middle school and high school.

Las Mujeras y la Literatura 
A beginning unit on latina writers for grades 6-8.
Crossing the Border: A Study of Immigration Through Literature
A unit for grades 6-8.
Anna Wendell Bontemps (1902-1973) Teacher Resource File
Lesson plans on African American poetry and Bontemps' poems.
Native American Poetry CyberGuide
Internet-based activities for 8th-grade.
See also Children's Literature for many multicultural literature lesson plans.

Multicultural Math Activities
Frisbie's Multicultural Math Fair 
From Frisbie Middle School, this site provides information about this event as well as specific information about each learning station. See  Multicultural Fair 1999-2000 for descriptions of additional activities.
Mathematicians and Scientists Treasure Hunt
A grade 7-12 activity designed to help students learn about a mathematician or scientist who happens to be female or a person of color. A sample worksheet is provided.
Marlys Henke's Cultural Relevance Model
Seven lesson plans developed by Marlys Henke, an award-winning math teacher from St. Paul, that incorporate the contributions of diverse cultures and people into the regular math curriculum.
Multicultural Math Lessons
Five lesson plans created by Patricia Donovan.
Multicultural Ideas for Your Math Class
Eleven ideas for you to try. See also Multicultural Math Goals.
Religious Beliefs Made Visual: Geometry and Islam
Classroom activities designed to help students understand that the geometric patterns that characterize so much of Islamic art provide important insights into the technology, scientific knowledge, and religious beliefs of Moslems.

Money Makes the World Go Around 
A 3rd-grade lesson plan from Core Knowledge.

Calculating the Exchange Rates between the United States and Mexico 
An interdisciplinary lesson plan for grades 7-8.
Minorities and Mathematics
Information from Math Forum.
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
Information on mathematicians of African descent.
Play Mancala
An African math game.