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Office 365

Restore your OneDrive

Updates to Planner

Updates for iPad and iPhone users

???????Tutorial videos can be found here:

Favorite Windows 10 Tricks

Follow this link for tutorials or to get your own video channel.

Resetting Office 365 Password through WebTop

Sway Presentation Mode

AutoPlay and Loop your Sway

Podcasting with Sway

Add Audio to your Sway

Tutorials for Office 365 Web Apps

Using OneNote for Office 365

Groups – Introduction

Creating a Group

Adding Members

Group Calendars

Edit and Delete Groups

Group Files and Notebooks

New Features in Class Notebook

  Create a Teacher-Only space

 Set controls in the Collaboration space

Share links to parents and guardians

Group Conversations

LiveGrades Quick-Start Guides

LiveGrades Video Tutorials

Using Office 365 for Students Tutorial

Get the Most from Your Waffle Tutorial

Installing Office 2016 for Students and Teachers (Home)

A few thoughts about Minecraft clubs:  (11 min)