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On February 13, 2017 the Mountaineer Middle School cheerleaders and coach visited two nursing facilities. The first stop was at Clarksburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The cheerleaders entertained the residents, patients, visitors and staff by performing sideline cheers, a competition cheer and a competition dance. The girls led the residents in crowd cheers and everyone was smiling ear to ear. The girls spoke with the residents and handed out Valentine's Day cards, bears and trinkets. 

   The girls then visited the Veteran's Nursing Facility. The team went hallway to hallway and door to door saying hello to the residents and performing sideline cheers. The team handed out cards, bears and trinkets along the way. The team also signed the Star Spangled Banner in the commons area. The sight was very moving!  The girls had a great time entertaining and bringing a smile to everyone's face. Squad members include:  Kelsey Allen, Katelin Allen, Sky Capicola, Macie Clutter, Madison Criss, Gracie Fahey, Brooklyn Frazier, Caitlynne Howell, Jordyn Hustead, Kaitlin Nutter, Cheyenne Rohde, Aliya Todd, Madison Watson and Emma Zirkle. The squad is coached by Staci Nutter. 

 Not only are our cheerleaders dedicated to public service, but they recently were named Grand Champions at the Punky Garrett Classic and were chosen runner up at our own Harrison County Championships.

 Our second 9 weeks student PBIS assembly was held on Thursday, January 20th. The students participated in competitive games provided by the Impact Crew. In the pictures below you can see students and staff participating in an octopus toss,  who can spit their live cricket the farthest, voice activated flappy birds, and much more. Tons of fun was had by all!

Octopus Toss anyone?

Is my egg raw or hard bolied?

Who can spit a live cricket the farthest?

Which grade can win the stack the box relay race?

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