2 Mountaineer Drive

Clarksburg, WV 26301


Mountain Lions

 Visual Art Class 6th - 8th grades   Ms. Marra  

 During their 9-week rotation, each student 

 will learn various art techniques. 

 They will complete a 2D drawing 

 and a painting or 3D sculpture. 

 In addition, they will learn to recognize

 over 20 historical artist's works

from Art History and complete 

 multiple exercises in Art Criticism. 

 8th grade Self-portrait Landscape Drawings 

 Student artwork will be displayed at various times 

 within the school, at public events, and county exhibits. 

 When an artwork is selected for display, a postcard will be mailed home

 to invite the family to view the student's artwork. 

 Students start out with an "A". They will maintain their "A" if they work in class, 

 complete assignments, and do their best. 


 If you have any questions about your child's grades you may email me on "Live grades" 

 or call the school during my planning 12:26 - 1:02. 

 8th grade Self-portrait Landscape Drawings 

 from previous years