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Mountaineer Middle School Band

Mr. Michael Cale, Director

Mr. Ryan Deems, Assistant Director

Welcome to the new page for the Mountianeer Middle School band!  Please report any links that do not work to Mr. Cale.



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The Mountaineer Middle School Band is under the direction of Mr. Michael Cale and assistant director Mr. Ryan Deems.  The band is comprised of approximately 200 students grades six through eight.   All bands perform a winter concert and a spring concert.  7th and 8th grade band members also perform at the annual Region 10 band festival held in the spring.  Please refer to the calendar below for more details on performance dates and times.

Mr. Cale, the band director at MMS, is a 1991 graduate of Fairmont Senior High School and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Fairmont State.  He taught grades 5 - 12 band at Paint Valley Local School District in Bainbridge, OH for three years.  His next move was another 3-year tenure at Salem Middle School, Van Horn and Harden Elementary Schools, and Liberty High School.  When the elementary and middle schools in the area consolidated, Mr. Cale was hired as the band director at the brand-new Mountaineer Middle School, where he has been ever since.

In addition to his duties at Mountaineer Middle School, Mr. Cale is the assistant band director at Liberty High Scool.  For the last 10 years, he has also been the musical director of the Shinnston Community Band - an all volunteer concert band made up of people of all ages and walks of life that performs at Christmas time and around the 4th of July. 

Although makes his living sharing his love of playing and teaching instrumental music, Mr. Cale loves to spend time with his family in any way he can and enjoys the outdoors by flyfishing, camping, hiking, watching wildlife, photography, and long romantic moon-lit walks on the beach.

Mr. Cale



Plan Time = 11:09 - 11:54


June, 2017:

The 2017-18 performance calendar for the MMS Band has been set. Scroll down or click here for more information.

June, 2017:

Please check back often through the summer for additions to our band's web page. A few things to look for are recordings of our bands, syllabus for the first 9 weeks/semester, more resources and links, and links to videos to specific instruments and other bands.

May, 2017:

The annual spring concert is in the books. Together, we collected numerous items to fill chemotherapy comfort totes for cancer patients at United Hospital Center. Financial donations made it possible to fill 19 totes! All bands performed at their best. The students got to play to a packed house, sharing original works for band, marches, classical works, and pop tunes from the 50s through today. The hard work these students have put in along with the support from our school, community, and parents makes me glad to be at Mountaineer Middle School. I can not imagine being anywhere else!

May, 2017:

All of the bands at MMS are gearing up for one last performance this school year. Our annual spring band concert will be held on Thursday, May 18 at 7:00 in the MMS gymnasium. As with the past spring concerts, we will be collecting items and monetary donations for "chemotherapy comfort totes" to be donated to cancer patients at United Hospital Center. More information can be found near the top of this page in red print.

April, 2017:

The MMS 7th and 8th grade bands performed at the WVSSAC Region 10 Band Performance Adjudications on Thursday, March 30 at Bridgeport High School. Both bands earned a rating of "Superior" from each of the three judges at the event. Congratulations to these students. Their hard work is certainly paying off in so many ways. To say that I am proud of these students would be a big understatement!

Dec., 2016:

Several 8th grade band students represented the Mountaineer Middle School band program at the Meadowbrook Mall's annual "Music in Our Schools" day on Saturday, December 10. These students volunteered to give up their time on a Saturday afternoon to play about 15 minutes of music. They made our school proud! Thanks to everyone that helped with the event!

Dec., 2016: 

Our winter concert to benefit Toys for Tots was once again a huge success! The students did an outstanding job! We had a near-record audience that packed our gymnasium. The toy drive generated over 700 items brought in for the event and over $1,000 in donations. A small group of students met at WalMart in Clarksburg immediately following the concert for a shopping spree to purchase more items for the toy drive. Great fun was had by all! Thank you to everyone that helped in any way with the concert and toy drive! You made some kids very happy this Christmas!

2017-18 Performance Dates


          8th Grade Band Night at the Liberty High School vs. East Fairmont football game (8th Grade Band ONLY)

                Friday, October 13 (Report time 5:30 pm at the Football Field)

          WVU Marching Band Keynotes Concert (8th Grade Only - Not Required!) WVU Marching Band Concert

                Thursday, November 27 (Report to MMS by 6:00, Bus leaves for Morgantown's C.A.C. at 6:15 Return to MMS around 10:30 pm)

          Marshall University Middle School Honor Band (Selected 7th and 8th Grade Students)

                December 7 - 8 (Tentative) (Leave after school on Dec. 7 and return very late on Dec. 8)

          Winter Concert (All Band Members):  MMS Gymnasium

                Thursday, December 14  @ 7:00 PM (Students to be ready no later than 6:45)

          Region 10 Band Festival (7th and 8th Grade Bands Only): Robert C. Byrd High School

               Wednesday, April 18 @ 9:00 am (8th Grade) and 10:00 am (7th Grade)

                   *see more information on Region 10 Band Festival below

          Spring Concert (All Band Members):  MMS Gymnasium      

                Thursday, May 17  @ 7:00 PM  (Students to be ready no later than 6:45)         


Concerts take place at 7:00 in the gymnasium and are required for all band students.  Call time for all band members is 6:45. Doors will open for participants and the public at 6:15.  It is very important for students to arrive prior to the designated call time so that the performance may begin on propmtly.  Students should arrive early enough to get all necessary materials (instruments, music, etc.) ready and check to see if their instruments are in good working order.  Please plan to arrive early as parking can be difficult at MMS.  Attire for student performers will be nice blue jeans (clean with no holes) and the blue band t-shirts. 


All band classes will have the opportunity to use Flipgrid to take performance (playing) tests this year. Students may elect to download the Flipgrid app to their mobile device or go to flipgrid.com on their computer. They may then find their class, select a test, then record a video of themselves playing that test. Once the student is satisfied with their result, they may send it to Mr. Cale by following the prompts. Videos will be seen only by Mr. Cale (not other students). Feedback and grades will be available in Livegrades. Students may take tests as many times as they like to improve their grade.

To view the required tests for the current grading term, click the following links:

8th Grade Band (All)

* 2nd Period Band (7th Grade Woodwinds)

* 3rd Period Band (6th Grade Woodwinds)

* 7th Period Band (7th Grade Brass)

* 8th Period Band (6th Grade Brass)


This section will have links to some of the music that students are preparing for performances, auditions, and daily practice. 

Practice. . . Your instruments depend on it!  Don't let this happen to your instrument!

8th Grade Concert Band

7th Grade Concert Band

6th Grade Concert Band


The Curse of Tutankahmun





Badge of Honor


Rehearsal Alternate Assignment (pdf file)

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf file)                                                                                                         Fingering Charts:                    

Communication Expectations (pdf file)  

Daily Participation Rubrics (pdf file)                                                                                                Flute, OboeClarinets, Saxophones

Mr. Cale's Practice Tips (pdf file)                                                                                                      Trumpet/Baritone Horn, Trombone   

Mountaineer Middle School Instrument Usage Agreement Form (pdf file)                                                 Baritone (B.C.), Tuba

Student-Owned Instrument Information Form (pdf file)

Emergency Medical Consent Form (pdf file)

Announcements about performances, graded assignments, quizes, etc. will be made through livegrades


Region 10 Band Festival

The Region 10 WVSSAC Band Festival is a two-day event.  Middle school and high school bands from Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Taylor, and Preston Counties perform graded literature for a panel of three adjudicators that rate the performance on a scale of 1 (Superior) through 5 (poor).  The results for all schools in the state are posted on the WVSSAC's band web page.

This is a required performance for all 7th and 8th grade band students.  Those not participating without a valid, verifiable excuse will receive no credit for their participation grade for the performance.  

Attire for student performers will be nice blue jeans (clean with no holes) and the blue band t-shirts.

The 7th grade and 8th grade concert bands will be performing in the morning (see performance calendar above) on Wednesday, April 18, 2017.  The event is free and open to the public.




38183 - 1st chair

41372 - 8th chair

39615 - 9th chair


41325 - 1st chair


41143 - 4th chair

39602 - 6th chair

40423 - 7th chair

42213 - 8th chair

Bass Clar.

39339 - 1st chair

Alto Saxophone

37108 - 8th chair

Tenor Sax

41141 - 1st chair

Bari Sax

41015 - 1st chair


40398 - 3rd chair

39490 - 6th chair

41872 - 9th chair

41355 - 11th chair


40820 - 1st chair

40425 - 2nd chair


37500 - 4th chair


41041 - 3rd chair

40855 - 4th chair


41146 - 1st chair

40937 - 2nd chair



Mallet Percussion

258611 - 1st chair

Battery Percussion

13154 - 2nd chair

48387 - 5th chair

The Harrison County All-County Band is comprised of many of the best band musicians in the county.  Students  audition for their place in the band.  The participants then rehearse once per week for approximately five weeks before performing a concert.  Being selected to participate with this elite group of musicians is a huge honor!

All-County Band Practice Recordings

Required Scales/Arpeggios (All Wind Instruments)





Trumpet/Baritone, T.C.


Trombone/Baritone, B.C.




Seventeen students from Mountaineer Middle School were selected to perform in this year's event. After being nominated by their directors, students were then selected by a committee at Marshall University. Participants from MMS stayed in Huntington overnight on Thursday, December 8, then participated with over 350 students from approximately 30 other schools in rehearsals. They were then placed within four seperate bands directed by Marshall University music faculty members and rehearsed for approximately 4 1/2 hours.  Students participated in master classes dedicated to their instrument, then performed a concert in the evening.

The honor band took place on Friday, December 9, 2017.



Below is a list of resources that are beneficial to band and music students.  It's not a complete list by any means, but all can serve to help students enrolled in our band program.  If you have an idea for a resource that should be on this list, feel free to e-mail Mr. Cale.

SmartMusic:  This is one of the most exciting innovations in music education  technology in recent memory.  SmartMusic can actually hear the musician and tell if there were correct/incorrect notes.  Students can use the tuner and metronome tools and adjust the tempo to better suit their practice goals.  Smartmusic can even bring the student's music up on the screen and highlight the music as it is being played.  Students can even make a recording with or without accompaniment to be saved as an mp3 file.  These recordings can help students hear and/or track their progress instantly.  It makes practicing much more fun and interesting.  There is a subscription fee that may be paid monthly or annually and requires an internet connection to activate and to be able to get the most out of the software.

Private Lessons:  There is no better way to become better at your instrument than private lessons - more so than any other item in this section.  One-on-one instruction is tailored to the individual student.  Students and parents may contact Mr. Cale for private lesson options on virtually any instrument (including piano, guitar, voice, etc.).

Bandland and Percussion Center: Located on West Pike Street in Clarksburg just across the street from Notre Dame High School, Bandland is a retailer and repair shop for band and orchestral instruments.  Bandland also sells and repairs guitars.  They have method books and sheet music for all band instruments and feature one of the finest private lesson studios in the area.  Check out their site for more information on products and services. Bandland is a top-rated Conn-Selmer dealer with rent-to-own options for school musicians.

Fawley Music: Full-Service music store in Sabraton (Morgantown). Fawley Music sells and repairs band and orchestra instruments and music. They are also one of the area's largest retailers of guitars (Taylor, Fender, Yamaha, etc.). They are a Conn-Selmer and Yamaha dealer with rent-to-own options for school musicians. 

Tuner:  Downloadable chromatic tuner.  Just play a note and the tuner will automatically tell you if you are playing that note in tune.

Metronome:  Another indespensible tool for every musician.  Helps the player keep a steady beat, no matter how fast or slow.  Scroll down to where it says, "Download TempoPerfect for Windows."

Music Flash Card Game:  Students can not possibly progress in band as quickly as they should if they do not know the names of the notes they see on the page.  It is imperative that all band students learn this skill.  This is a fun game with three different levels of play that is sure to make all of our middle school band students better music readers.

Rhythm Trainer: This software download is the best I could find in the arena of rhythm training.  I'm sure there are better ones, but I have yet to find them.  The drills range in difficulty from very easy to very difficult.  There is a free trial period.  If you want to continue using after the trial period, then you will need to pay for the software.  E-mail Mr. Cale if you have any questions about how to use it.

Music Theory Site:  This site has a lot of useful information about music.

Vic Firth Percussion:  Lots of very useful information dealing with all things percussion.  Pay particular attention to the "Education" portions of the site.

Steve Weiss Percussion:  Dealer in percussion instruments of all kinds.  There are some good resources here as well. 

Audacity:  Great, free audio-editing software that is easy to use.  Has lots of features that rival programs costing $100 or more.  Convert streaming or live music to mp3 format and more.

(More to Come)

Other Links

Shinnston Community Band:  Under the direction of Mr. Michael Cale, the Shinnston Community Band is a concert band that performs around Christmas time and patriotic concerts in the summer.  They are comprised of approximately 70 people ranging in age from 11 to 85 and come from all walks of life.

Sheet Music Dealers:  Both of these have recordings of many of their band and choir arrangements.

     J.W. Pepper 

     Stanton's Sheet Music

     Sheet Music Plus

Online Musical Instrument Dealers:

     Musician's Friend