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The Second Chance Classroom (SCC) program is for students who violate school rules that have been established by Harrison County Board of Education. A period from one class period up to and including two complete days may be assigned to a student who enters the program. Each student is allowed to complete all work that students in the regular classroom are completing. The main difference is that it allows students to receive a much lower student/teacher ratio and students receive individual counseling from the guidance department. The teachers are informed each day students who are assigned to the SCC program. This allows teachers an opportunity to compile all work otherwise completed in the regular classroom setting. Once work is completed the in SCC classroom the supervising teacher distributes the completed work back to the regular education teachers. These are graded as if the student was completing the work in the classroom environment. The main purpose for the SCC program is to offer an alternative to suspending students out of school thereby reducing the number of out of school suspensions and increasing the amount of education that is completed by students who many times are experiencing poor work habits and poor academic success.