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Mrs. Lee's Fourth Grade

Dear Parents,

In an effort to keep you informed about what your child is learning in school, we are providing you with a list of skills that will be taught during the first 9 weeks. You may find resources to reinforce these skills at home on the school website (  We appreciate your partnership and support in your child’s education. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

*The skills listed are general descriptions of the state standards. For a more detailed description please visit the West Virginia Department of Education website at

Fourth Grade—1st 9 Weeks

·      During the 1st 9 weeks, we spend time focusing on school and classroom expectations, routines, and procedures. 

·      Science, Social Studies, and Health are integrated into Math, Reading, and Writing.




Place Value

·       10 times bigger/smaller (200 is 10 times bigger than 20)  NBT.1

·       Read and write numbers to the millions  NBT.2

·       Compare numbers (=, <, >)  NBT.2

·       Rounding  NBT.3

Literary Text

Speaking and Listening

  • Engage in collaborative discussions SL.13.1
  • Add audio recordings or visual displays to presentation SL.14.2
  • Distinguish between formal and informal English contexts SL14.3

  • Using text details and making inferences R.C1.1
  • Read and comprehend literature R.C4.1


·       Multi-digit addition and subtraction  NBT.4

·       Strategies for addition and subtraction (standard algorithm, place value, friendly numbers) NBT.4

Informational Text


  • Simple, compound, and complex sentences; Imperative, Declarative, Exclamatory, Interrogative sentences L15.1
  • Context clues, suffixes, prefixes, reference materials L.17.1
  • Academic vocabulary L17.3

  • Find the main idea and summarize the text R.C1.5
  • Determine word meaning of academic words R.C2.4
  • Explain evidence from author in the text R.C3.4
  • Read academic texts proficiently R.C4.2
  • Read with accuracy and fluency R.C8.1


·       4x1 multiplication  NBT.5

·       Strategies for multiplication (groups and arrays, repeated addition, number patterns)  NBT.5

·       Factoring  OA.4


  • Plan, revise, and edit writing W.10.2
  • Narrative writing W.9.3
  • Informative writing W.9.2

Social Studies

  • Colonial America 1.1-1.3


Earth Science

·       The water cycle 4.2.13

·       Weather 4.2.29

·       Rocks and Minerals 4.2.33

Word Problems

·       Multi-step word problems with addition and subtraction OA.3

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