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4th and 5th Grade Strings Class with Ms. Cale

Violins pic


5th grade Strings meets Tuesday and Thursday, 11:25-Noon

4th grade Strings Schedule:

Monday: Martin and Allen

Wednesday: Lee, Zontek, Jones

Friday: Gillespie and Nelson

11:25 -Noon

violin parts
trim your nails

Be sure to trim your nails!

Play the note recognition game!

Go under settings to select the correct clef for your instrument.

We have been learning the parts of our instruments.

4th Grade

violin bow

Our 4th grade class has learned the following notes (the D scale)

                                 D  E   F#  G  A  B  C#  D

Exciting news! The 4th graders have been working on holding and playing with our bows!  The image below shows proper hand position for holding the bow.

5th Grade

Fifth grade students are working on the following concepts: slurs and ties, the new notes F natural and C natural, notes on the G string, and hooked bowings. Bravo 5th grade, we are getting prepared for Middle School Strings! Our next goal is to learn notes on the cello and viola C string, and the violin E string.