1302 Buckhannon Pike

Nutter Fort, WV 26301



Ms. Stearns' Third Grade 

Daily Schedule

7:25-8:00- Student Arrival

8:00-8:10- Morning Housekeeping

8:10-8:55- Specials/Planning

9:00-9:10 The Leader in Me with homeroom

9:15-10:00- Reading/ELA with Miss Szeliga's class

10:00-11:00- Guided Reading/Student Work Time with Miss Szeliga's class

11:00-11:30- Social Studies or Added Physical Activity time with Miss Szeliga's class

11:35-12:05- Recess

12:05-12:35- Lunch

12:35-1:15- Reading/ELA and Social Studies with homeroom

1:15-2:15- Guided Reading/Student Work Time with homeroom

2:20-2:30- Afternoon Housekeeping

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Stearns' Class Code- CDS4CJ

Szeliga's Class Code- AAPHZR


School Code- WV635

You can check A.R. goals and progress at the following website. A.R. quizzes can only be taken during school hours.