Nutter Fort Intermediate Mustang
Nutter Fort Intermediate Oval
Nutter Fort Intermediate School

1302 Buckhannon Pike

Nutter Fort, WV 26301



Mrs. Patsy's Third Grade

Planning Period 1:40-2:25

Feel free to contact me! Your child is my first priority! smiley

Poem about parents and teachers working together

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Tips of how word problems can help your child learn to think and solve problems
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Third Grade Math Activities and Games

Fun Facts About Mrs. Patsy

  • Born in California

  • Has a younger sister that is also a teacher

  • Graduated from West Virginia University

  • Master's Degree in reading

  • Has been teaching for 22 years

  • Happily married with three amazing daugthers -- Lauren, Sophia, & Gianna

  • Has a cat named Gucci Violet

  • Obsessed with Reese's Cups and Diet Pepsi

  • Enjoys reading books and going to the beach

  • Loves loves loves teaching!