Nutter Fort Primary Oval
Nutter Fort Primary
Nutter Fort Primary Mustang

1302 Buckhannon Pike

Nutter Fort, WV 26301



Planning Time: 9:30-10:10

Phone: 304-326-7520


Dismissal Information

Bus Dismissal: 2:30

Walker Dismissal: 2:40

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Specials Schedule:

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Gym

Thursday- Computer


"What you do has far greater impact than what you say."          

                                                                   ~Stephen Covey

May Dates to Remember:

2nd-  Bingo for Books

23rd- 2nd Grade Pool Party


Reminder: Snack milk and juice money is collected on Monday. Your child may purchase milk or juice for 50 cents each day. Popcorn money is collected on Friday. Popcorn is 50 cents. 

Reading Homework: Your child will be expected to read for 10-15 minutes every day even if I do not give a reading assignment. 

Math Homework: Assignments will vary. Homework will be written in your child’s agenda book when an assignment is given.

Word Study Homework: Word study lists and assignments will be written in your child's agenda book on Monday mornings. First semester assignments are as follows:

Monday- 3x's Each

Tuesday- ABC Order

Wednesday- Spelling Sentences

Thursday- Review for Test

Friday- Test

*Any additional homework will be written in the agenda book and placed in the red folder.

Need Books?

If your child needs additional books sent home for their assigned at home reading, let me know. I would be happy to provide them. 

Please see your child's agenda book for their differentiated word study list.

Suggested Websites for RLA and Math Practice:

Your child can practice thier math and reading skills at home. Check out the two links below:

Raz Kids 

In our classroom, we function as a community. Within our community all students are citizens and are viewed as leaders. Students will apply for and will be assigned classroom leader positions in which they will utilize and demonstrate their strengths to help our community function smoothly.  All classroom leaders will perform their roles and responsibilities and work together to promote a safe, positive learning environment.  

Click the link below to visit The Leader in Me Student School Yard Web Site: