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Simpson Elementary School will be closing at 12:15 pm on Friday, May 26, 2017 due to a power outage.


(Students Completing Onsite Practical Employment Skills)

Students perform actual employee tasks and are coached on their employability strengths and weaknesses.

Students go to work in community businesses 4-5 days a week and shadow for approximately 2 hours a day.

SCOPES is offered to seniors only.

The Focus of the SCOPES program is to develop the following skills:

Fundamental Skills - Verbal and Non-verbal Communication, Multi-taskingFollowing written and verbal directions.

Personal Management Skills - Attendance, Grooming, Productivity

Teamwork Skills - Accepts Constructive Criticism, Diversity, Adjusts to new situations.

On Site Work Skills - Positive attitude, Works well with others, Completes tasks.

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