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Sharon Hinkle

Chief Business Officer


The Harrison County School system operates on a fiscal year which starts July 1 and ends on June 30. State statutes required that school districts operate with a balanced budget which is approved by the board each April/May and submitted to the West Virginia Department of Education for review and approval. 

The Board’s annual financial statements are comprised of three components: 1) district wide financial statements, 2) fund financial statements, and 3) notes to the financial statements. The annual report also contains other supplementary information in addition to the basic financial statements themselves. These statements are audited each year by an independent CPA firm approved by the WV State Auditor or by the WV State Auditor’s office.    

Harrison County Schools utilizes the budget/financial process to help meet the county goals and objectives by providing funding in the areas of need that are identified throughout the budget. 

The Harrison County Schools annual budget is used to teach students, transport them to and from school, feed them breakfast and lunch, and maintain the school buildings and grounds. In addition, the budget provides salary and benefits for its employees, substitute reimbursement, staff training and materials and equipment for all students. The annual budget does not reflect the school funds that each school is responsible for maintaining.

The current budget document and the most recent annual financial statements for the Harrison County School system may be found by clicking on the tabs above.