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Cindy Harbert

Executive Secretary


Board Agendas

Board Postings

Board Letters

Extracurricular Contracts

SSAC Coaching Certification

Extracurricular Job Descriptions

Chaperones and Parent Volunteers Processing

Coaching Files Processing

Family Medical Leave Processing

Documentation of Sick Leave

Professional and Service Retirement Processing

Michelle Correll

Executive Secretary


Service Personnel Contracts

Service Personnel Bids

Service Personnel Certified List

Professional and Service Personnel Substitute Call-Out System

Service Personnel New Employee Orientation

Service Personnel Seniority Lists Publications

Service Personnel Job Descriptions

Verification of College Credit for Salary Upgrade

Position Inventory

Classification Inventory

Job Shadowing Opportunities

Call-Out System

RESA Substitutes Call Out

Long Term Absences Vacancy Codes

Sharon Harris

Executive Secretary


Professional Applications

Substitute Teacher Applications

Service Personnel Applications

RESA Applications

Hiring Advertisements in Media

Substitute Teacher and RESA Contracts (including upgrades)

Schedule Substitute and Professional Interviews

Assistance with Online Applications

Employee Evaluation Processing

Extracurricular Evaluation Processing

Extracurricular Payment Processing

Unemployment Paperwork Processing

Susan Steadman

Executive Summary


Certification (upgrades and expirations)

Salary Upgrades

Professional Bids Processing

Professional Hiring Matrix

Professional Contracts (including upgrades)

Experience Verification

Professional Job Descriptions

Professional Certified List

Professional New Employee Orientation

Professional Seniority List Publication

Professional Substitute List Publication

Student Internship Processing

Brenda Stire

Executive Summary


(Listing of services exclusive to the Personnel Department)

Continuing Education (CE) Assistance - Service Personnel

School Calendar Publications

New Employee Beginning of Year Informational Session