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Dora Stutler

Supervisor of Personnel

Harrison County Personnel Department is committed to service to the schools system's 1,565 professional and service employees. Whether an employee is seeking employment with or retirement from West Virginia's seventh largest school district, he seeks the assistance of our department.  However, Personnel is more than ensuring employees complete paperwork.

Our Mission:

In support of Harrison County Schools principles, values, vision, and mission, the Personnel Department will provide innovative, assessable and supportive resources to support the growth of the system’s most valued asset, its people.


Develop an attitude of teamwork with employees to ensure quality day-to-day operations.

Provide an atmosphere of support, trust, caring, guidance, and efficiency.

Create opportunities for mentorship and growth to maximize employee potential throughout the system.

Seize opportunities that demonstrate excellent execution and a sense of urgency.

Reduce waste to the environment and of time through continuous evaluation and improvement activities.

Commit to an open, equitable, ethical, and consistent pursuit of uncompromising quality in effort and product.

Increase opportunities that communicate changes in policy, legislation, and beliefs so that employees have a sense of awareness, preparation, growth, and protection.