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English/Language Arts 9
Prerequisite:   8th grade language arts

English/Language Arts 9 will cover material that will challenge and encourage students’ written and oral communication.  A foundation for written skills will be formed as students study and practice the parts of speech, parts of a sentence, and grammatical rules.  Organization will be implemented through use of a class notebook/binder, and a primary focus of the class will be on study and test taking skills.  Students will compose various written pieces, learn and take part in elements of research, and expand vocabulary.  Informational text will be analyzed and applied to literature. This class will also prepare students for an appreciation of literary works from various genres as they examine and relate the content to their own lives and the larger world.  Specifically, students will explore the short story, poetry, epics/myths, and Shakespearean drama.  They are expected to demonstrate a smooth transition from English 8 and meet the challenges of high school

Honors English/Language Arts 9: 

Prerequisite:   8th grade language arts

“B” average in 8th grade English, signed parent permission form, teacher recommendation, “B” average on summer work
Honors English/Language Arts 9 will cover material that will challenge and encourage students’ written and oral communication.  Students will produce written pieces that will demonstrate proper language practices and effective expression.  Students will analyze informational text as well as practice higher level thinking skills as they read, discuss, reflect, and critique literary works from various genres, connecting the material to other works, their own lives, and the larger world. Specifically, students will explore and expand upon the novel, short story, poetry, epics/myths, and Shakespearean drama.  Organization will be implemented through the use of a class notebook/binder.

Students who are enrolling in English 9 H will be assessed for their knowledge of the material they were given over the summer during the first 5 days of the school year. Failure to receive a “B” average on the summer work packet means the students will not be allowed to continue in the class. A test on the summer reading will be given the first few weeks of the school year. The English 9 H teacher will send copies of the summer reading selection, summer work, parent/student permission forms, and teacher recommendation forms to WI English 8 teachers during the time of scheduling.  English 9 H is designed for students who have demonstrated academic achievement.  They are expected to perform at a more mature and responsible level

English/Language Arts 10
Prerequisite:   English 9
The English Language Arts Ten emphasis will be on the use of written language for educational, occupational, and personal endeavors.   Preparation will include critiquing oral presentation and using speaking and listening while reading and writing.   Instructional delivery will be enhanced by computer technology.   Frequent interaction with broadened array of literature will encourage an increased appreciation for the power of the spoken and written word.   Testing data will provide direction and focus for prioritizing the instructional objectives that will ensure student mastery.


Honors English/Language Arts 10
Prerequisite:   "B" average in Honors English 9, teacher recommendation/written sample.
Students practice higher level thinking skills as they read and critique quality literature and write extensively in this advanced class.   The course also offers research experiences

English/Language Arts 11
Credit: 1 unit
Prerequisite:   English 9 and 10

English 11 continues to refine and enhance the students’ ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Grammar usage will be sharpened through writing. Students are expected to complete a research paper on a current topic in English 11, using research skills and proper citations, as well as available technology, to avoid plagiarism. Indeed, argument, rhetoric, and logic are central to the course and understanding human thought process and American culture.  American literature is the primary genre we read in English 11and the “historical, biographical, political, and cultural influences”; thus, the course is designed to demonstrate the growth and evolution of American thought and philosophy, which we try to read chronologically, starting with the Pilgrims, moving through the Founding Fathers, to the Transcendentalists, into the Modern Age. Literature will be supplemented with critical essays which will help them to better understand texts as well as introduce them to informational texts. Students are expected to react logically and coherently to the assignments and issues that arise in the class.

Honors English/Language Arts 11
Prerequisite:   "B" average in Honors English 10, teacher recommendation, written sample.

English 11 Honors is an in-depth study of American Literature and Culture and the “historical, biographical, political, and cultural” influences surrounding it. Argument and logic are central to Honors 11, culminating in a no less than ten page research paper, cited properly on a contemporary issue in American culture. The class will try to answer the question, “What is the American Dream?” As with English 11, Honors, too, surveys American literature from the Founding Fathers through the Modern Age, but the material will be supplemented with additional texts (both informative and literary) to help better understand and think about the material. Students can expect to write a reaction to each of the pieces we read, and they can expect at least one writing assignment a week. The class is designed for the student entering college, and instruction will be delivered accordingly to prepare the students for higher education.

English/Language Arts 12
Prerequisite:   English 9, 10 and 11
English Language Arts Twelve provides focus and polish in personal goals and academic proficiency.   Experiences such as a senior project or a sophisticated persuasive research paper should culminate the twelve-year career.   Readiness for the work place or post secondary education is the final reality check.   The expansion and appreciation of language and literature is the focus of the senior year

AP LANGUAGE and Composition: Grade 11

This Junior English class is structured to help students read critically, think analytically, discuss intelligently, and write effectively. The objectives of this class are based on the curricular requirements established by the College Board and aligned with the West Virginia Department of Education. Preparedness and time management are essential.  Challenging readings by a variety of authors from different time periods will be used in the class.  Communications skills are a must.

AP English LITERATURE and Composition: Grade 12

The design of this course is guided and shaped by the standards set forth by the College Board and the West Virginia Department of Education.  Seniors will further develop close reading skills enabling them to enhance critical thought processes.  Additionally they will hone writing skills in interpreting and analyzing comparative pieces of literature.  With guidance students will be able to differentiate among genres of literature, the impact of historical events and social constraints, and after discussion compose thoughtful, analytical essays indicative of critical thinking. Time management is essential, as is the ability to communicate.  Reading, writing, thinking, and discussion are the primary components.

JOURNALISM I                              

Prerequisite: Desire to Write,     Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

“C” or higher in previous English,

This entry level course introduces students to journalistic writing, advertising, photography, yearbook layout and design, and desktop publishing. A strong desire and ability to write is recommended. Time management and communication skills are a must. Students who are interested in Yearbook I, II, III or Advanced Journalism must take this course.


This course combines skills used in Journalism I to digitally complete the school yearbook. Students must apply for staff positions and display knowledge of the school and community to be considered. Team work is essential. Only those students having successfully completed Journalism I are eligible for acceptance to the yearbook staff.