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Little Indians

Mrs. Kim Cunningham, RN and Ms Chasity Gray,LPN are our  school nurses.  Mrs. Cunningham is scheduled to visit Simpson Elementary School every Wednesday and Ms. Gray is at school everyday.  Please call the school with any questions or to talk to the nurse.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Optimal learning requires good physical and mental health.  School nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children.  School nurses also help identify health related problems, which may cause impediments to the learning process in individual children.  The Harrison County Board of Education provides this service for the students by employing registered certified school nurses.

The Role of the School Nurse in the School
There are many different ways the School Nurses help students:
  • Assesses health care needs of students. Conducts health screenings which  include, but are not limited to: Vision, Hearing and Dental
  • Identifies health related needs and develops appropriate health care plans.
  • Helps provide emergency first-aid for acute illness and injury.
  • Provide health counseling as needed.
  • Provide leadership and support for wellness programs.
  • Helps monitor and enforce student compliance with state immunization laws.
  • Acts as a multi-disciplinary team member.
  • Performs health assessments, interprets medical data and makes recommendations.
  • Develops the health component of the Individual Educational Plan.
  • Serves as a participant in student 504 plans.
  • Instructs and supervises school personnel in health care related procedures.
  • Teaches Family Life curriculum to the seventh grade students.
  • Teaches Growing Up curriculum to fifth grade students.
  • Conducts health related classroom presentations and in-services for school personnel.
  • Monitors communicable disease outbreaks and provides education concerning diseases.
  • Acts as a resource person for faculty and staff.
  • Implements C.A.R.D.I.A.C.  project to Second and Fifth grade students. 

Health Services

School Nurses