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Little Indians

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  We've had a great start so far!

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Mrs. Hoard's Third Grade

The Super Power 

of the Week is

Writing Word Study List

      Skill/Spelling Pattern = sounds: short "o", "uff", "aff", "oo"

Spelling: ough, augh

1.                Review:

2.             15.

3.           16. 


5.          Challenge:

6.            17. 

7.           18. 


9.                Bonus:

10.       19. Springfield, IL

11.         20. Jefferson City, MO


13.      **Writing Words tests

14.        are every other Friday.                             Students will be tested                             on all 18 regular words.


Feb. 19 - 

Feb. 23


(This is what we're working on this week.)

Reading: Becoming Anything He Wants to Be  Story Online

 Click Here for skills like Fact and Opinion, strategies like Visualizing, Commas, and VOCAB!! 

- Genres: Informational

- Essential Question: What important traits must an inventor have?

- Review Questioning and Main Idea and Details

Math:  Fractions!!!, Division, Multiplication, Review Subtration within 1,000 (you may want to practice some addition and subtraction with regrouping),  Finish 8s and 9s!

Content (Sci/SS): Black History Cereal Box Projects, Timelines

            Midwest Region of the US States and Capitals (Map Found Below)

         - Test March 9th!!!

          Writing: Opinion Paragraphs,

           Writing Complete Detailed Paragraphs,  

           RACE answers  (see poster below) - Parent Info Page


         Morning Work: Mystery Science Olympics

                                  Mystery Science Winter


* Please continue to send cereal boxes through the end of this week!! Feb. 16th 

Book orders due 2/21/18

* We'll be doing some Dr. Seuss STEM stuff.  Watch for lists of items you may have lying around that would help!

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Valentine Party - 14th @1:10

Specials Schedule: 

Mon. - PE

Tues. - Library

Wed. - Music

Thurs. - Computer

Fri. - Computer/Art

Kids Can Check These Out in Class or At Home!!

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