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Little Indians

Mrs. Sabo's Fourth Grade

We will conclude Chapter 1 in science next week and begin Chapter 2. All written work is to be completed neatly and correctly spelled.

Additionally, each student has their own science book and may bring it home any time to review what we're studying.

Please remind your child the importance of paying attention to details on assignments. I provide work samples for every activity we do. Projects are scored on a rubric.

Thanks for all of your support. The kids are doing very well and already speaking the language of science.

It's so exciting!

As a reminder...

   Remember that makeup work is due in a specified timeframe. A student gets one day for each day missed to return work to me. I assign all makeup work on a MAKE-UP sheet and staple all due work to it. Then I tape it to your child's desk so that it will be available upon their return.

If your child is going to be absent more than 2 days, please make arrangements to pick up their work. We cover too much information in a day and students may get overwhelmed if they have days of makeup work and regular work to get finished all at once.

We do not provide make-up work ahead of time. It will be available upon your child's return to school.

Please read the school newsletters for additional dates and information. yes