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Simpson Elementary

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Little Indians

Welcome to Pre-School

Mrs. Greer and Ms. Simons

 Welcome to Simpson Elementary School!  

Our mission Statement is : Educating today for tomorrow's challenges.

Welcome to Pre-School!  We are so excited to begin the new year with parents and of course students!

We will begin by working on a unit about all of us and our families.  Traditions, people, and things we love who make us who we are.  Please send in any pictures, stories or traditions that are observed by your family so we can share and get to know each other better.  We will focus on Classroom and School rules for the next couple of weeks until everyone gets adjusted to being in school. 

We had a great week to start off the year!  We are very proud of how caring, nuturing, responsible, and bright your children are!  They have worked hard to try to adjust to being in school, it is a big place for such little ones.  Thanks for sharing your precious little ones with us!  We will do our best to make their year a great one.

We will be taking various field trips this year, dates will follow!  We would like each child to bring one white t-shirt that we can tye-dye to wear on our trips.  It should be a little bit big, so they can wear it all year!  We need these by September 11 so we can work on them that week. 

Letter:  a, Allie Alligator,

Nursery Rhyme:  Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue, 

Songs: Learning Names is so much Fun!

Number: 1

Science: Exploring Nature

We collect box tops for education and can tabs so if you could save those and send them to school that would be great.

Scholastic Book orders will go out at the end of the month, please send cash or make checks payable to me, I will place the order on my credit card, it is quicker! 

*Daily Schedule

7:30-7:55:  Breakfast and Arrival
8:00-8:15:  Sign in, Personal Hygiene, Pledge of Allegiance, The Morning Minute and Super Power for the week,
8:15-8:45:  Journals and morning work
8:45-9:15:  Morning Movement Activity/Get up And Groove
9:15-9:30:  Morning Circle:  Calendar, Weather, Super Helpers, Birthday's, Songs, Nursery Rhymes, and Story Time
9:30-1045:  Center Time/All Centers Open
Dramatic Play
Outside Play (Weather Permitting)
Social Awareness

Sensory Tables

Light Table
Table toys
Technology/Computers and iPads
10:45-11:00 Personal Hygiene, prepare for lunch
11:00-11:30 Lunch
11:30-12:45  Personal Hygiene and Rest Time
12:45-1:15  Snack, Personal Hygiene
1:15-2:15  Outdoor Play(Weather Permitting) All Centers Open
2:20 Dismissal


                                                                      Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Mary Kay Greer and Mrs. Connie Simons