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Little Indians

Mrs. Pulice's Pre-School

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                                                Week of September 8 to 10 

Next week:          Monday - No school 

                              Talk about feelings & how to manage them 

                              More review of class drills and class rules 

                              Sing about letter Bb and Cc

          We had a good first full week of Preschool as we are still working on our rules and routines and finding our way around school.  I think the hardest part of adjusting †o Preschool is learning the rules -- waiting our turn, sharing, walking in a line quietly in the 

hallways and having to do things as a group and no† when we want to do them.  All these things will come toge†her in time.  

      This week we sang A is for Alice, the Alligator Chan†, the Rules Rap, the Hokey Pokey, 5 Little Monkeys, the Wheels on the Bus, and of course our favorite the Bear Hunt.  We talked about Bus Safety and how to use our "Solution Kit Suitcase"  to help us problem solve when we have and issue with our friends a† school.  We also read our Clifford's Our Big World which we do every other week of school.  We also love the funny book " We Share Everything"!