250 Worthington Drive

Bridgeport, WV 26330


Little Indians

Mr. Broadwater's Music Department

Contact me: cbroadwater@k12.wv.us

Weekly Ensemble Schedule*:

Monday- ALL Band

Tuesday- 5th Grade Strings

Wednesday- 4th/5th Grade Choir

Thursday- ALL Band

Friday- 5th Grade Strings 

Parents: Please help your child remember to bring their instrument on the day they have their ensemble.  The office is very busy, and it is not their responsibility to keep track of instruments dropped off for students.  

 *occasionally, early releases,  delays,  and days off may require the ensemble schedule to change.  If students will need to bring instruments on a different day than normal they will be notified in advance.

In Band we are working on...

-Putting our instrument together properly

-Our first three notes

-All exercises on pages 6-8 of the "Measures of Success" book 

In 5th Grade Strings we are working on....

-How to hold the bow

-Exercises 67, 69, 70, 85, and 89

In Choir we are working on...

- "Christmas Time Is Here"

- "Snow Day! Snow Day!"

- "Christmas.. In About Three Minutes"

- "All I Want Is... Nuttin!"

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