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Simpson Elementary

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Little Indians

Harrison County Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Mrs. Crawford's

Second Grade



  Monday: library

  Tuesday: Computer

  Wednesday: P.E.

  Thursday: music @ 11

  Friday: library

Planning: 10:15-10:55

Announcements and Upcoming Dates

Class Announcements


Order online with Scholastic! Our code is MC4CC. I will place an order at the end of each month.

I try to keep an open door policy. If there is an activity you'd like to bring to our classroom please let me know and we can work out a date that you can come in. For example you could do read alouds, crafts, science experiments, etc. 

Weekly comprehension and vocabulary tests are given. Most of the stories we read are found read aloud on YouTube. 

* read at least 20 minutes nightly

Monday: none

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none 

Thursday: none

Friday: none

Core Subjects


Bonus: Tuesday


pasture: a large area of land where animals feed on grass

mound: a heap or pile of something

heat: to cause something to become warm or hot

shiver: to shake because you are cold or afraid

dusk: the time when the day changes into night and the sky begins to get darker

threaten: to say or act like you will harm something unwanted

Reading: When I was Young in the Mountains; story setting and making connections

Grammar: nouns

Writing: narrative; friendly letters

Math: 100's charts, even and odd, coins, number lines, comparing numbers

Science & Social Studies: WV studies