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Little Indians

Harrison County Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  We've had a great start so far!

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Mrs. Hoard's Third Grade

The Super Power 

of the Week is

Writing Word Study List

      Skill/Spelling Pattern = sounds: sounds /j/ and /s/

1.                Review:

2.             15.

3.           16. 


5.          Challenge:

6.            17. 

7.           18. 


9.                Bonus:

10.       19. 

11.         20. 


13.      **Writing Words tests

14.        are every other Friday.                             Students will be tested                             on all 18 regular words.



 (This is what we're working on this week.)

Reading: Tops and Bottoms,  Story Online

 Click Here for skills like Sequence, strategies like Analyze/Evaluate, Suffixes, and VOCAB!! Computer Station

- Genres: Fantasy

- Essential Question: How does information travel over long distances?

- Review Questioning and Main Idea and Details

Math:  Geometry (polygons, angles, and attributes) Area/Perimeter, Fractions, Division, Multiplication, Review Subtration within 1,000 (you may want to practice some addition and subtraction with regrouping)

Number Line Practice, Equivalent Fraction Line Practice

Content (Sci/SS): Explorer Projects, Timelines

            Southwest Region of the US States and Capitals (Map

          Found Below)

         - Test March 29th!!! Seems fast but there are only 4 states.  We'll be       studying each day in class. :)

          Writing: Opinion Paragraphs,

           Writing Complete Detailed Paragraphs,  

           RACE answers  (see poster below) - Parent Info Page


         Morning Work: Mystery Science Unicorn

                                   Mystery Science Hotness

                                  Mystery Science Winter

                                  Mystery Science Rainbow


Book orders due 2/21/18

Parent Survey 

**Please click link above and complete if you can by Mar. 30

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Specials Schedule: 

Mon. - PE

Tues. - Library

Wed. - Music

Thurs. - Computer

Fri. - Computer/Art

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