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Little Indians

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  We've had a great start so far!

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Mrs. Hoard's Third Grade

Super Power 

of the Week



Nov. 13 -

Nov. 17


Writing Word Study List

Skill/Spelling Pattern = contractions

1.                Review:

2.             15. 

3.           16. 


5.          Challenge:

6.            17. 

7.           18. 


9.                Bonus:

10.      19. Albany, NY

11.         20. Trenton, NJ


13.     **Writing Words tests

14. wrong  are every other Friday.                            Students will be tested                             on all 18 regular words.


(This is what we're working on this week.)

Reading: Yonder Mountain  Story Online

 Click Here for skills, strategies like Drawing Conclusions, Infer and Predict, and VOCAB!! 

- Review Questioning and Main Idea and Details

Math:  Division, Multiplication is Repeated addition - know strategies, Review Subtration within 1,000, Multiplication 4's Quiz on the Monday we return - Begin 6's

Content (Sci/SS):  Science: , Southeast Region of the US and Capitals (Map Found Below)

Writing: Opinion Paragraphs,

Writing Complete Detailed 


RACE answers

(see poster) - Parent Info Page

Specials Schedule: 

Mon. - PE

Tues. - Library

Wed. - Music

Thurs. - Computer

Fri. - Computer/Art

***Also looking for any book jacket/covers that are worn or ripped that I could have for a classroom banner. 

***Lastly,  LEGOS are a hot item in class.  Any lonely pieces that need a home please send them our way!!!!

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WOW Factory Clay Pots and Artifacts

Thanksgiving Break

Canvas Painting

Kids Check These Out in Class or At Home!!

Guided Reading:  

Rotations Computer Choice

Centers/Fast Finishers  

Guided Math: Telling Time Using a Number Line

                       Telling Time Using a T-Chart

                        Multiplication on Learnzillion

Practice for Telling Time/Elapsed Time:

Making Change - Math Playground , Just Kids Games

Science Inquiry: IPT Science Trek, Science Games


Choose your Animal: National Geographic Great Migration

Super Cool Info About your Animal!!

Audobon Mission Migration Game

Smithsonian Migration Game

More Animals Migration Links - Check them out!!!

Social Studies Investigation: 

Supply and Demand IXL

S&D Lesson

Common Core Math!!! - Mathematics SMART Page

Just for Math Practice - Johnnie's Math Page

Another Great Site!! - Math is Fun

Just Good Practice - Room Recess