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Simpson Elementary

Educating Today for Tomorrow's Challenges

Dates to Remember

Welcome to an wonderful new school year!  Help make this your child's best year yet by following tips from the article below.

Sept. 19       -PTA Meeting 6:00

Sept. 22       -2 Hour Early Dismissal; Fundraiser Due

Oct. 6           -2 Hour Early Dismissal

Oct. 13         -End of 1st Nine Weeks

Oct. 16         -Make-Up Picture Day

Oct. 17         -PTA Meeting 6:00

Oct. 20         -Report Cards

Oct. 21         -Fall Festival

Oct. 24         -3 Hour Delay, Parent/Teacher Conference

Oct. 31         -2 Hour Early Dismissal, Halloween Party                 

Every student, every day, attendance matters

Box Tops and Pop Tabs

Help our school and community by collecting box tops and pop tabs!  Click the link below to find out how they help and the process to use when sending them to school with your student.

Simpson Superheroes in Action

In the 2016-2017 school year Simpson Elementary invested in 8 sets of the Dash and Dot robots.  First, students renamed the robots so when they were connecting to their iPads they could recognize which one they were controlling. Students learned to use code to make the robots do different commands to go around the world, make geometric shapes, and follow other commands. The students were very excited and did very well.

During the week of parent visitation at Simpson Elementary, the 4th and 5th grade students created their own March Madness.  Groups of students worked together to create posters to go with their favorite teams and then used code to make the robots shoot into the basket from 3 different points on the court.  The Dot robots were the cheerleaders, and the students programed them to cheer on their teams.  It was a fun week that the students, parents, and Ms. Morrison enjoyed.