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Aye, Maties, We don't want to let you go! Happy New Beginnings to Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Abbate and Mrs. Spatafore

Tardy Arrival and Early Pickup

There has an abundance of unnecessary student tardies and students being signed out before dismissal. Students arriving late or being signed out early lose valuable classroom instruction time, and disrupt the entire classroom. Those should be rare occasions and only due to medical necessity.


Mark your calendars for the PTA Meetings:

PTA Meetings

Aug. 29, 2016

Sep. 19, 2016

Oct. 17, 2016

Nov. 28, 2016

Dec. 2016 - No Meeting

Jan. 9, 2017

Feb. 20, 2017

Mar. 20, 2017

Apr. 24, 2017

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The yearbook team is finishing up some pages and need some more school photos from:

    First Day of School 

    Walk to School


    Holiday Party

    Valentine's Party

Please upload your favorite photo to TreeRing.com or email a photo to simpsonelementaryyearbook@gmail.com

Arrival Times: The school is open at 7:00 a.m. for student arrival.  All  K-5 students need to enter school through the cafeteria in the mornings and Preschool will enter through their classrooms.  Parents are not permitted to walk students to their classrooms in the mornings.  Teachers are on duty in the cafeteria until 8:00 a.m.  Breakfast is served from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. Kindergarten and Preschool students will be escorted to their classrooms by patrol students and/or teachers. 

Dismissal times for students being picked up from school are Preschool students and Kindergarten at 2:15 p.m. from the classroom doors all others will be dismissed at 2:23 p.m.




Box Tops for Education Update:

Box Tops for Education for the March submission are due at the school office on Monday, February 27. Please check the expiration dates. Any with 2016 on them will be thrown away. Please trim them. Please put them in a bag or envelope in groups of 50. If you do not have 50, send them to school to be combined with other box tops. Please put your child's first and last name and classroom teacher's name with the total on the bag or envelope. Send all box tops to the school office.  Simpson will receive a check in April for our earnings. We earned $751 in December 2016 for submissions from June to October 2016.

Since the program began many years ago SIMPSON has earned $24,490.76. Agendas/planners are provided to each student from first to fifth grades as well as other educational resources needed in the classrooms.
Thanks to everyone who has sent box tops to school over the years. A little piece of paper is worth $.10 each. General Mills puts the box top on their products to help schools in America. Please encourage your family, friends, and co-workers to save them to help SIMPSON. Every little bit helps.            

                                                           Thanks, Carole Kinard, program coordinator

INK CARTRIDGES;  Ms. Morrison collects all used ink cartridges and recycled them. If your company doesn’t already recycles please send to Ms. Morrison and Simpson Elementary School.

BUILDING SECURITY AND SAFETY- Safety is a critical issue for all of us.  Above all else, we want our students to be safe.  No one, including a parent, should be in the building at any time without a Visitor’s Pass and receiving approval from the office.  All visitors, including parents and anyone not employed in this building, must sign in at the office, check in with the secretary, and receive a Visitor’s Pass before proceeding to any location in the building. You must check in with the office before going any place in the building.  If you are picking up your child for an appointment or illness, the secretary will call the child from the classroom to meet you at the office.  Upon leaving the building, visitors must sign out.  Entry to the building will only be provided through the Main Entrance.  Persons wishing to enter the building must use the entry monitor system.  Persons exiting the building must also use the Main Entrance doors.