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Daily Announcements

Wednesday,  May 15, 2019

Today’s Lunch:

Creamed Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Biscuit and Mixed Fruit.    Pizza and Salad Bar are also available.

Thursday:  Schoolmade pizza, salad, corn, yogurt and fruit,

Happy Birthday:

Today's Notes:

  • Seniors -- citizenship/civics test on Schoology -- I will be finding you today to arrange for some ASD to complete!!!!
  • Krogers in downtown Clarksburg is looking for part time help -- apply online at
  • Volleyball meeting -- Thursday during second lunch in the foods lab.
  • Signups for 2019-2020 student council officers outside of room 105.  You must be a current member of student council in order to run for office.
  • Summer driving permit forms -- if you wish to take a drivers test during the summer you must have a form dated June 1.  We will take those applications beginning Monday, May 20 and will issue those summer forms during that week.  These summer forms are the only exceptions we can make to the age rule -- please don't turn in requests for summer forms prior to May 20th.
  • Summer credit recovery applications are now available in the guidance office -- everyone MUST complete an application, even if you are continuing from the after school program.
  • Sports physicals -- changes to the rules allow you to obtain your sports physical after MAY 1 this year and use it for the following season.  The clinic will be performing free physicals on May 20 -- if you are interested in one of those dates please sign the clipboard in the office to get on the list to get your physical here.  Otherwise, you will have to obtain your physical elsewhere -- need a new physical prior to the June voluntary workouts.
  • Students -- please remember that you are to come into the building in the morning once you arrive at school -- students are not to be waiting in their cars in the parking lot prior to school starting.
  • iPad repair issues need reported to Mrs. Fragmin -- see her in Room 105 on sign up on the list outside her door for assistance.

     --- Health Clinic is open at the HS on Mondays and at the MS on Thursdays for student and staff use.  Please report to the office on Thursdays if you wish to go to the middle school to receive services at the health clinic.

     --- Seniors please don’t forget to check Counselor’s Page on our website for scholarship updates and the bins by the counseling offices. 

     --- Backpacks are to be placed in lockers at the beginning of the day and left there for the duration of the day.

     --- Cell Phone usage is not permitted in the academic classroom -- cell phones used during class will be confiscated.

     --- Dress code reminder -- no tank tops / fingertip rule for length. 

     --- All students:  when returning to the building from Art, Spanish, Family & Consumer Sciences, or UTC -- please remain in the commons area until the bell rings.  Classes are still going on and we need to stay out of the hallways.  Staff will be on supervision duty -- please don't be rude!

Upcoming Activities:

Wednesday, May 15:
  • Senior Exams -- odd periods -- all students have no 4th period and a 90 minute 5th period.
Thursday, May 16:
  • Senior Exams -- even periods -- all students have a 90 minute 4th period and no 5th period.
Friday, May 17:
  • State track tournament begins
  • Senior iPad return and cap and gown distribution.
  • Student council elections
  • Field day -- all afternoon
Today's Quote:

John Galsworthy  -- "If you do not think about your future, you cannot have one."