South Harrison Middle School Oval
South Harrison Middle School
South Harrison Middle School Hawk

3003 Hawk Highway
Lost Creek, WV 26385


My name is Scott Hage and this will be my third year as principal at South Harrison Middle School (my 8th year as a Harrison County administrator).  My personal philosophies include being self-sufficient, responsible, and reliable.  My father often told me, and still does, that a man's word is his bond.  I strive every day to uphold that ideal.  I am a christian, a family man, a patriot, a wrestler, and a Hawk.  I taught English and still read every day (I feel that this is one of my main sources of success).  I think we live in the greatest country in the world, in the greatest state in the union, and in the best county in the state.  I served my country as military policeman and was deployed to Iraq.  I represented my state when I wrestled for WVU and qualified for the NCAA tournament three times.  I service my community by being a public school educator.  My pride in who and what I am is backed by work, every single day because pride without follow-through is just vanity.  Go Hawks!