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8th Grade


Critical Skills & the

Hawk's Electronics Club

"Mr. Mac"

Welcome to my classroom!  Eighth grade science can be challenging.  But my mission is to help prepare eighth graders for the rigors of their high school careers.  This S.T.E.M.-based science class offers many hands-on opportunites for students to experience the natural world in a fun and unique way.  In previous classes, lab activities have included the making of plasma (ionized gas), constructing and operating a hovercraft, working with molten metal, and a variety of chemical reactions including the burning of iron and  explosive gases. 

I also teach two sections of Critical Skills.  This course is designed to help bolster each student's academic weakness and prepare them for life.  The class centers on a story called, How to Train a Gaischiouch.  This is an Arthurian legend written in Irish prose.  The story describes the adventures of a fourteen-year-old boy named Artair.   

My classroom is also the home of the H.A.W.K.S. Electronics Club.  The club is open to SHMS students Grades 6-8.  Our mission is to learn about electronics and create a variety of projects.  As our club members grow in their knowledge of electronics, they can specialize in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and robotics.

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Pangea Map Activity                          29 NOV

Supplement Reader #1 

Worksheet                                           30 NOV

Your Teacher & Facilitator

Bob McDaniel is a licensed teacher with ten years of experience in public schools and over ten years as an adjunct professor for Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College.  His teaching endorsements include General Science (5-12), Chemistry (9-12) and Physics (9-Adult).  He graduated from Fairmont State with a Master’s Degree in Education (Special Ed) in May 2013. 

Known by his students as 'Mr. Mac', Bob was given an honorable discharge from active military service (USAF) in 1982 where he received training in Tae Kwon Do and distinguished himself as a small arms marksman.  He received an Outstanding Young Men of America award in 1988 and has twice been nominated for the Disney Teacher Award.  Among other accomplishments, Bob served as a facilitator for a student-led research team that constructed and operated the first known documented ion-propulsion engine by high school students in the State of West Virginia.

My 8th Grade Science classes will soon begin a competition to help make learning science even more fun.  The race begins in Manhattan, NY and ends at Redondo Beach, CA.  The winning team out of each period will receive a prize!

8th Grade Science

Racing Teams

Name             Period           Place                Total Pts


of a

Crazy, Old 'Scientist'



Team #1


Meets on Wednesdays 2nd Lunch

Name                         Level Achieved   

Daccad10                   2-MICRONOID

Dogman                      2-MICRONOID

Daythag                      1-BEGINNER

Night Thug                 1-BEGINNER

Chuck the Buck 1      1-BEGINNER

Sally Girl                     1-BEGINNER

Billy Bob Joe Sassy  1-BEGINNER

Dabunnie Squad        2-MICRONOID

Cat                               2-MICRONOID