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Welcome to Mrs. Smith's Classroom!!!!!

6th Grade

US History and Critical Skills

     I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting from Marshall University.  While working as an Accountant, I began teaching co-workers computer literacy.   I truly enjoyed teaching and began my path to becoming a teacher.  I now have a Bachelors in Education from Fairmont State University and my Masters in Education from WVU.  My career began at West Milford Elementary in the Science/Math Lab, then I moved in to Kindergarten for many years, both at West Milford Elementary and Lost Creek Elementary. I was part of the 8th grade team for two years teaching PreGeometry/Algebra and Learning Skills.   Now, I am enjoying being part of the 6th grade team at South Harrison Middle School.

     I am so thankful to be a part of this community!!  My husband, two children and I live in Lost Creek.  Christian, 18, is a freshman at Fairmont State University and Brendon, 12, is a 7th grader at SHMS.  We enjoy camping, boating and traveling as a family.  

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Absences and Make-up Work: If you are absent from class, you are responsible for coming in to get your make-up work.  As per Harrison County Policy 4502.7,  any student absent from school shall be given the opportunity to complete or make up all work missed.  The student will be given a day for each absent day to make up assignments, unless the student had prior knowledge of a test, quiz, report, homework, etc., due date prior to the absence.  In that event, the student would be required to fulfill those obligations on the day of his/her return to school.   


No Unexcused Late Work Will Be Accepted. 

Don't worry about moving slowly, worry about standing still. --

Chinese proverb