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REAL ESTATE SALES                                                                      90 Hours                                                                    $ 390.00

Tuesday & Thursday  6-9 PM   15 Weeks

WV approved  pre-licensing course; covers real estate principles, practices, law, and financing.  Upon completion, students are eligible to take the state licensing exam.   Additional cost:  Text book,  exam and license fee.

BASICS OF ELECTRICAL WIRING                                             36 Hours                                                                    $ 275.00

Tuesdays 5-8 PM   12 Weeks                                         

This class will help individuals gain an understanding and skill of the following:  Conduit Bending, Device Wiring (SinglePole, 3-Way and 4-Way Switches, Receptacles, Dimmer Controls, etc.), Panel Wiring, Circuit Breakers, and Cabling Installation.

ELECTRICAL CODING 2017 NEC                                              45 Hours                                                                     $ 280.00

Thursdays  5:00-8:00 PM   15 Weeks

This class will cover material from the NEC 2017 code book including definitions, wiring methods and material, and equipment for general use.  This class will help individuals prepare to take the Apprentice Electrician or Journeyman Electrician Exam through the WV State Fire Marshal.

BASIC OF WELDING: SMAW & GMAW                                   45 Hours                                                                   $ 350.00

Mondays and Wednesdays 4 - 7 PM  9 Weeks

Students will learn basic SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) and GMAW(Gas Metal Arc Weling). Including fillet Welds in all positions for SMAW and GMAW

BASIC COMPUTER                                                                          18 Hours                                                                    $   80.00

Tuesday   6-9 PM    6 Weeks 

This class will teach students to perform basic computer functions as well as understand basic computer vocabulary and technology. 

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION FUNDAMENTALS                 40 Hours                                                                     $ 210.00

Tuesday and Thursday 5-7:30 PM   8 weeks      

Identify and use common hand and power tools.  Know all safety rules and recognize potential hazards.  We will also use power saws and pneumatic nail guns in a safe and appropriate manner. Complete a project of your choice, i.e. corn hole board, coat rack, etc.

AUTO BODY REPAIR                                                                      36 Hours                                                                    $ 380.00

Tuesday & Thursday  6-9 PM      6 Weeks

I-CAR based curriculum. Hands on training in Plastic Repair, Mig Welding, and Refinish Techniques.

BASICS OF METAL MACHINING                                             36 Hours                                                                      $ 200.00

Tuesday & Thursday   6-9 PM   6 Weeks

Intro to Engine Lathe: Facing, turning, boring and parting.

COMPUTER  TECHNICIAN  Online Class                            305 Hours                                                                    $1800.00

Prepares students for a CompTIA A+ Certification.  Program will include hardware, software, and troubleshooting, among  others.  Enrollment includes textbooks, exam study guides, a repair toolkit, a power supply tester, and a USB drive.

EXECUTIVE OFFICE ASSISTANT Online Class               160 hours                                                                     $1800.00

Online Class – Students will learn everything they need to be a successful Office Assistant and run a business office from learning good communication skills to correspondence organizing and maintaining files both electronically and on paper, planning and scheduling meetings, arranging travel and so much more. Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

For More Information

Call 304-326-7590  or 

Email Kathy Fury at kfury@k12.wv.us

There is a one-time per quarter registration fee of $10.00    Classes must have at least 10 students enrolled to start.

All fees must be paid in full before class starts.   Financial aid is available to those who qualify.