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School of Practical Nursing

Application Process

*Call UTC at 304-326-7583 and request an application. See link:


*Complete and return the application to UTC LPN Department.

*You will be scheduled to take the Assessment Technologies Institute's TEAS V pre-entrance test at UTC.

*To purchase a study guide for test preparation, see the website:


*UTC will schedule you for an inteview if you meet the standard for the TEAS test. 

*Submit high school transcript or GED, college or technical center transcript, if applicable, and three letters of references to UTC.

*After selection is made, a background check is needed.

*If accepted, students need a medical/dental exam, laboratory studies, and vaccines. 

*Medical Terminology must be completed prior to starting the program.

*For other qualifications, see the links provided: 

   Brochure Web

    Detailed Brochure