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School of Practical Nursing

Courses of Study

Medical Terminology (prerequisite online) 

Math for Medications (offered prior to entry in the evening)

Computers in Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing I and II

Anatomy and Physiology

Social Sciences I and II


Geriatrics I and II


Pediatric Nursing

Maternal Child Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing


Transfer or Advanced Standing: If a student has completed nursing courses in a college, university, or other technical center, direct transfer of credit is possible for Fundamentals of Nursing I and Medical Terminology including clinical rotation. Students who have completed Anatomy and Physiology or Nutrition may test out of these courses. Direct transfer or testing for credit is possible following receipt of an  official transcript from the institution. Further information about the Transfer or Advanced Standing Poloicies can be viewed in the Student Handbook link below.  

For details about the Program policies and standards, see the link:

Student Handbook