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Welcome to First Grade

Miss Cummings

Hello families,

     Every Friday I will send home a newsletter that includes all of the news, teaching points and the spelling words for the upcoming week. Spelling tests will be given on Friday.

     In order to promote positive personal behavior in the classroom, I utilize a color behavior chart. The behavior chart colors are blue through red, blue being the top level and red the bottom. The children will start the day on green. As they are caught being good they will move up one level at time. Infractions will result in moving down one level. The children will always have the opportunity to move back up throughout the day. When a student reaches the top blue level, they will get to pick a prize from the treasure box. The chart is located on the inside of our door and can be viewed at anytime. I will mark these colors in the agendas daily for you to keep track of. Paw prints will be stamped in the agenda for all levels green and above. In conjunction with this, to promote positive class behavior, I use the marble system. Whenever the whole class goes home on green or above the class will receive a marble in a jar. Anytime our class receives a compliment from a staff member or when the class as a whole demonstrates wonderful conduct, they will earn a marble for the jar. Each time the class reaches 100 marble we will have a class celebration. 

     I look forward to having a wonderfully productive year with your children.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. You may contact at anytime by email, phone, voicemail, notes in the folders or in person. My planning time is 7:45 to 8:30 each day.


Miss Marian Cummings

Wilsonburg Elementary School strives to develop successful learners with a quality education in which they become a productive part of society.

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