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Have you checked Livegrades to see how you are doing in my class?

We've already had some extra credit opportunities!


Welcome to Mrs. Yazvac's Class!

Welcome to Washington Irving Middle School and welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year! I am happy to have your child in my 6th Grade Math or Reading class! This is a very important school year.  We work hard everyday in 6th grade to get ready for 7th grade!

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I have been teaching in Harrison County for nearly 30 years.  This is my 10th year at WIMS.  I am proud to work with your children and our wonderful team of teachers in one of the most successful schools in our county.  

If you ever have questions or concerns,

please contact me

by email cyazvac@k12.wv.us

You can email easily through Livegrades.

 I will get back to you promptly 

or by calling the school (326-7420) to leave a message.

(I cannot speak on the phone during class.)  

Studies show that parental involvement in a child’s education is one of the strongest indicators of student achievement. I hope you will make it a priority this year to keep track of your child’s progress and communicate with our team of teachers whenever you have concerns.

Students will do well in my class by . . .

paying attention to everything that is discussed and everything that is written on the board

using agenda books to keep track of assignments

completing all assignments and turning them in on time. Late work is accepted with a letter grade deduction for each day beyond the assignment due date.

Late work lowers grades!

using class time wisely – all class work is important! This is when we practice skillls and find out what we do not know.  Homework is minimal and is often started and sometimes nearly completed in class

checking online grades and assignments using Livegrades and this webpage regularly

 asking questions whenever something is unclear

 taking advantage of extra credit opportunities – there will be at least one extra credit assignment each nine weeks.

 attending school regularlyexcessive absences lower grades.  It is impossible to keep up when students are not in school to see and hear instruction and practice skills. 

Play math fluency games with your classmates on http://www.sumdog.com

Practice Multiplication Facts and Vocabulary while you earn donations to fight world hunger!


To look at the content your child will be learning in 6th Grade Math please go to this site:

We are currently working on prime numbers and prime factorizations.

We will begin Order of Operations soon.

Play games to practice all 6th grade math and language arts skills on this site!


To Access Math Textbook Resources online:

  1. Go to www.glencoe.com
  2. Choose the State (drop down menu WV)

Choose your role (student/parent)

Choose Subject (drop down menu Mathematics)

Click “Enter”

  1. Under Online Learning Center, choose West Virginia Programs
  2. Click on green words “Math Connects: Concepts, Skills and Problem Solving.” 
  3. Choose Course 1

This is for 6th Grade (Course 2 is for 7th Grade and Course 3 is for 8th grade)

Student/Parent should already be chosen for you. 

  1. Click Enter.

You now have access to many online resources that your child may use to review concepts introduced in class.  I especially like the Lesson Resources near the bottom of the blue column along the left side of this webpage.  The Personal Tutor and Self-Check Quizzes are a quick way

for your child to practice math problems from any lesson in the math textbook and find help with anything they do not understand.

Mrs. Cindy L. Yazvac

6th Grade Math

and Reading


1st Period: 7:50-8:37 Math

2nd Period 8:40-9:27 Math

3rd Period 9:30-10:17 Team

4th Period 10:20-11:07 Read

       Lunch 11:10-11:40

5th Period 11:43-12:30 Math

6th Period 12:33-1:20 Plan

7th Period 1:23-2:10 Math

           AA  2:13-2:46

    Dismissal      2:50                     

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

                                                                                                                      ~      Albert Einstein


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