Washington Irving Middle School Oval
Washington Irving Middle School

443 Lee Avenue

Clarksburg, WV 26301


Washington Irving Hilltopper


Welcome to Mrs. Heckler's

Art Class! 

If you ever have questions or concerns,

please contact me

by email 


You can also email easily through Livegrades.

 I will get back to you as fast as I can,

or by calling the school to leave a message.

How to Earn an "F" in Art

1. Be afraid of new things

2. Be late to class

3. Blame it on lack of talent

4. Do as little as you can

5. Don't ask questions

6. Don't even try

7. Have someone else do your work

8. Ignore suggestions

9. Ignore people who know more than you

10. Imagine that you will get better without practice

11. Keep your ideas to yourself

12. Let other students tell you what's good

13. Make excuses

14. Make no mistakes

15. Miss class and don't make up the work

16. Never fail

17. Perfect it all

18. Sit perfectly still and never make a sound

19. spend as much time as possible talking with your friends

20. Stick to what you are good at

                                   SchoolArts Magazine. Oct 2011

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