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Welcome to

Mrs. Fragale's

BASE Course!


7:50-8:37             BASE 8

8:40-9:27.            BASE 7

9:30-10:17           BASE 6

10:20- 11:07        BASE 8

11:10-11-40         Lunch

11:43-12:30         Plan

12:33-1:20          BASE 6

1:23-2:10            BASE 7

2:13-2:46            AA 7/SPL


http://BASE Syllabus.

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Life Skills

Students will learn the basics of Life Skills.  This includes everything from character development, inter-personal relationships, setting goals, budgeting, and career development. 

Foods & Nutrition

Students will learn the basics of cooking-including kitchen equipment, kitchen safety, and measurement.  They will also focus on nutrition and how it affects their bodies.  


Students will learn the basics of sewing.  Over the last few weeks, they will complete a final sewing project.  Students will also research different careers in the sewing and textile industry.