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  Welcome to the WIMS library!  My name is Patrick Joyce and I am your Library Media Specialist.

     We are currently ordering many new books by many talented Young Adult authors!  If there is a book or author that your student enjoys, have them let me know and we will order the book for placement in our library.  If your student loses a book it is their responsibility to replace that book at the retail price or donate at least two good books to cover the replacement cost.  If a student has any overdue books they can not check out a library book until that late book obligation is taken care of.  We do not charge fines for overdue books, so the only leverage we have to get the books back is to not check out any books until the book is returned.


This is the site we use for our keyboarding tutorials.


This site is a good database for research.  You can search for articles with four different reading levels.


We have ten chess boards in the library available for use in the library or you may take them to another room with that teacher's permission.

If you have a request for a book or author that is not represented in our library, just fill out a request slip and Mr. Joyce will order that book for you and notify you when it arrives

Fifteen new non-fiction books were added to our library's collection on 8/10/17.  I try to purchase the most up-to-date non-fiction books and our fiction collection will rival any middle school library in the area.  We have over ten thousand books in our inventory and some may have a more mature theme than you feel comfortable with.  If you are uncomfortable with a book, just return it for something that more fits your reading preference.

The following sites are useful to science teachers in expanding the resources available to students, covering the various content standards.

http://auth.digital.scholastic.com/cgi-bin/go_up_login?formu=243295&formp=sf&link=scienceflix.digital.scholastic.com    andhttp://scienceflix.digital.scholastic.com

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