443 Lee Avenue

Clarksburg, WV 26301



Ms. Cale's Class

"It's a String Thing!"

Practice, practice, PRACTICE! laugh

Then practice some MORE!  yes

We are looking at lots of new music! Be sure to take it and your instruments home for regular practice!

contact Ms. Cale: bcale@k12.wv.us

Winter Concert

Dec. 19, 7pm

RCB Auditorium

Rehearsal after school

Dec 18


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Copy of Course Syllabus...

Sample of a strings assessment:

These are rhythm concepts that are an integral part of our daily work:

This chart contains many symbols which we encounter daily:

Below are live links to professional recordings of some of the pieces we've been playing. Hearing them helps you play them better. You can even try to play along!

Favorite Music Memes

Be sure to TRIM YOUR NAILS weekly!

Email a pic of you with your instrument and I will share them here!



Mason, you ROCK! cool

2015: "The Enforcer" and "Einstein!"

from 2015:  8th Grade Strings, smiling...

7th Grade Strings, serious faces...