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Classroom ROCKS


       Be Positive


       Be Ready


       Be the Best You

       Be Emphathetic


      Be Attentative

      Be Powerful


     Be Protected

     Be Preventative

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Be the change you want to see in the world.


The secret of change is to focus all your energy on, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places.

7th Grade Social Studies

Make this year great!

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 Bell Ringer 10

1/10 – Wednesday #1

A. Do you think technology existed in prehistory?  Explain your answer.

B. If the prefix “pre” in prehistory means before what does the root word history mean?  Before ________?

Thursday 1/18 – Day 2         Friday 1/12 – Day 2 (1st Period)

C. Explain how carbon dating works.

D. Create a t-chart to compare primary and secondary sources.

Social Studies Syllabus 2017-18

What is social studies?

          Definition – the study of how people live and organize themselves in society.  The different parts of social studies that we will cover this year are geography, history, economics, culture, and government.

Course Goals:

Students should…

1. be able to identify, describe, and apply knowledge of the different parts of social studies.

2. be able to use maps, charts, graphs, etc. to answer questions or overcome obstacles.

3. be able to describe the major changes in human history from early man to modern day. 

4. be able to write and support a thesis statement.

5. develop leadership and organizational skills to take accountability for and improve their own performance. 

Classroom ROCKS:

  1. Respect: classmates, teachers, staff, etc.  Be positive and helpful.
  2. Organization: Have all your materials when you walk into the classroom. Go to the bathroom between classes.  Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.  
  3. Considerate/Care:  Do your best. Ask questions, participate in class, and pay attention.  Help those around you.
  4. Knowledge:  Listen and learn.  Share what you know. 

5. Safety: Stay in your seat with all four legs on the floor.  Know the drill procedures.


All grades will be done on a point system.  Most regular activities such as classwork or homework are worth 10 to 30 points.  Quizzes are worth 50 points and tests are worth 100 points.  Late work will receive a 10% penalty for each day it is late.  Student grades can be found online at www.LiveGrades.com.


          Students are NOT required to go out and buy any of the following, but here is a short list of recommended materials: 

  • For bell ringers and class notes students should have a notebook dedicated to this class only.
  • A folder is also recommended for handouts, study guides, and other lose papers.

Contact Information:  School Phone: (304) 624-3271 or LiveGrades.com


  • Google - find answer to anything and everything.
  • youtube - instructional videos on any topic.
  • iCivics.org - information and games about government.