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Our science class is currently taking part in judging the Ocean180 video challenge.  In this contest,  scientists are challenged to bring their latest research to life in a short video that summarizes the important findings and highlights the relevance, meaning, and implications of their research. ?

The final winners will be selected by potential-future ocean scientists – 6th-8th grade students from classrooms around the world. 

We are using a scoring rubric to vote for our favorite entry. The winners will receive a total of $9000 to help in their future research.

You can view the finalists  here  ocean180.org/2016-challenge/2016-challenge-finalists.html


1st period        7:50-8:37

2nd period       8:40-9:27

AA/SPL           9:30-10:00

3rd Period       10:03-10:50 (Team)

Lunch             10:53 - 11:23

5th period        12:16-1:03

6th period        1:06-1:53

 7th period       1:56-2:43 (Planning)

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